Adding a day at the front of third party tickets

We have bought a Dance the World package with 5 days that doesn’t include our arrival day. Through them, it will cost us an additional $150 per person for arrival day (Hopper pass). Can I add this on at a cheaper rate upon arrival at our hotel (Pop Century)? Also, I don’t need a hopper pass…we would just be going to MK.

Have you priced a one day ticket?

Yes, so $150 is obviously not that great a deal. I know that you can add on a 6th day for a pretty inexpensive rate, but wasn’t sure they would do that with a third party ticket before we used the first ticket. If that makes sense. Thanks!

Are they the new style date-based priced tickets or the old style?

If you have the old type, be aware that before upgrading you will need to pay the difference between your ticket and the new one, which could wipe out the price advantage you had.

Regardless, you should* be able to upgrade before or after using the ticket. However you may not be able to do it at POP. Sometimes the front desk CMs will do simple upgrades, but in general it’s best to assume you need to visit a Guest Services (or ticket window) at any of the parks or DS.

  • Caveat - I don’t know about this kind of ticket specifically. I know certain types of tickets cannot be upgraded.

Are they convention type tickets? If they are you may want to do the math. A full cost upgrade may be the same as buying a one day ticket, and you could get FPs with the one day ahead of the date.

Thanks for the feedback! It’s through Dance the World and we’ve never been to Disney before, so I really have no idea what kind of ticket it is. I think I may be better off buying a one day ticket after we get our schedule if I feel we need it in addition to our other days.

I just looked at my old tickets from our DtW trip-they are 5 day park hopper with 5 fun visits festival. Maybe that helps.

Do you remember if you were able to go to the park on the arrival day with those? I’m just trying to make the most of our trip without spending a fortune. I just feel like spending $600 for the four of us for an afternoon at Disney is crazy. But maybe it’s not? We’re there from the 20th to the 25th, so 6 days but only 5 days worth…can I use them any of the 6 days? DtW tells me no, but they want me to buy the arrival day, so…
Thank you!

Yep! Granted it was 2 yrs ago, so both Disney tickets and the DtW main schedule has changed a bit. Also we did the MK parade. But, this is what we did (we being DD and I, WE being our studio dancers on DtW schedule).

Arrived via train 10am Tue June 20th, picked up rental car at train station, went to Epcot for a few hours leaving bags locked in trunk, then headed to hotel around 1 for checkin and lunch and to meet bus to rehearsal. I unpacked at the hotel while DD rehearsed. Parents/families cannot attend rehearsal. We went to DS for dinner and then evening EMH at Epcot. Having a car was amazing!

Wed June 21st We did MK in the morning, then over to Epcot at noon for OUR dance showcase. Everyone is given a block of 2 hours, you will know in advance which time. We spent the evening in Epcot.

Thur June 22nd We went to DHS in the morning. WE had an afternoon break at our hotel pool with our dance buddies to cool off and take naps before catching the bus from hotel (for the dancers only) to the evening parade at MK. We finished the evening in MK.

Fri June 23rd We spent the morning in MK, then WE went to Epcot for the dance gala dinner.

Sat June 24th We packed and checked out, then spent the morning at DHS before taking the train home.

A lot of our studio buddies zigged when we zagged, Pandora had just opened so a lot of people added days to the beginning and did the wake up st 5:30 am for EMH to do FOP. I think they all added tickets through DtW-our studio has been many times and there are a few experienced WDW travelers and even a Liner travel agent at our studio and I believe that was the recommended route. So as pricey as it seems, it likely is really best. I can connect you to her if you’d like.

I hope that helps!

Thank you so much!! That is extremely helpful! I contacted Disney and they said I could extend our stay for minimal cost (difference between 5 & 6 day tickets), but we won’t have FP, so I’ll think on it, but I really appreciate your input. I was really worried we wouldn’t be able to fit all we wanted to in, but sounds like it’s doable.

Are there any special event evening tickets available? $600 for an afternoon does seem a lot, what about touring some of the resorts or Disney Springs.

I just looked at DtW website, you’ll be getting a 4 day park hopper ticket, whereas I had a 5 day. Bummer!

I just looked and it seems to say you can add an additional PH day.

Oh DtW is very happy to extend your trip for you! I thought @jaymeknits was saying DtW is charging $150 pp per day for the extra PH? Or is that the price of a 1-day ticket through Disney?

The $150 is the price DtW is charging us for tickets on our arrival day. The four tickets to the parks include the event days (starting the day after arrival) plus the checkout day. We extended our stay on the back of our trip, so we have on extra day for a total of 5 day passes. I was just worried that we wouldn’t get to spend enough time in the parks so was thinking about adding on the arrival day (our flight gets in around 9:30am, so realistically, we wouldn’t get to the parks until 1pm). I just wasn’t sure I wanted to spend that much on our arrival day. Disney did say that adding on the day once we get to the park would not be a problem, so I might do that and just forgo the FP for that evening. Buying tickets to an event is a good idea, too. They haven’t posted any on our dates, but I’ll keep checking. Thanks everyone!