Adding +1 to ADR

My MIL recently decided she would like to go to WDW with us this year. I’m about 130 days out, and have reservations for CTR and BOG. Has anyone else had luck or a strategy to add one person to hard to find reservations?

We currently have 3 adults, DD4, DS1. Can I ask for DS to be in a highchair and MIL to take his seat?

This is one time I would try to call Disney dining and ask them? If that does not work I would set up the reservation finder for a table of 1 around the same time.

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I wouldn’t worry about it - if you have 3 and you are adding 1 - I would just be like “sorry - that was supposed to be 4 not 3” Have you ever seen a table built for 3 - no. It is a table for 4 - I wouldn’t sweat it. Chances are they will mess it up if you add one


I had a similar situation last year when my sister invited her nanny after the fact. I found out that because CRT is very small and on an upper floor, they have very strict capacity rules and they go by the actual number of bodies in the room, not the number of seats at a table. That means that while your table may actually hold 4, there may already be a party of 5 seated at a table for 4.

That said, it’s up to the restaurant staff on the day of and we had no trouble bringing our +1 with us. BoG is much bigger and has no stairs/elevator to deal with so they may be less stringent.

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Have you tried updating the number on MDE directly? We had one join us for an ADR on our last trip, and the site allowed me to update my party with no problem. Granted, the one I had wasn’t for a hard-to-find ADR, but it’s worth a try – that is, if you haven’t done so already.

Yes, I already tried in MDE. It didn’t let me. I even tried doing separate reservation for 1-4 people, so I can adjust later. I will call Disney soon, i’m basically trying to ask if she even wants to eat at these restaurants before I go through the trouble.

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This is known as testabombing.

Aug '14
Your room cost may not go up, depending on the age of the kids. I believe the “extra adult” charge only applies to the 3rd and 4th adults in a room. If your kids are 10 or up, it may apply. Disney will know. Also, you can probably add her at check-in, so you can save some time there too.

As far as your ADRs, you won’t have any trouble bringing along your DW. Your reservation is almost certainly already at a table for 4. I wouldn’t even bother calling to adjust the reservations.

I have, it may be said, some experience in doing this. Google “Testabombing” for an idea.