Adding 1 person to ADR?

We were able to get a few sit down meals we wanted for our upcoming January trip - well, now my dad is tagging along for the trip and I have been unsuccessful in modifying the reservations (of course!). This takes our party of 6 to a party of 7 for dining…should I try to sign up for some reservation notification service to try for the larger group? Should I just keep trying to modify as it gets closer? Or try asking upon check-in at the restaurant and hope they will allow us to add one…

Reservations we have are: Sci-Fi Diner, Oga’s, Boma, Ohana, and Teppan Edo if that matters.

Thanks for any input! :grin:

You can do all of those things.

In many (most?) cases, when you check in for your ADR through the app you are given the option to add a guest. So that would work too


I had no idea about that! Thank you!

This is interesting I didn’t even know you could check in via the app!

so I have Beaches reservation and do I just jump on the app and check in option appears when?

Given that you’re going from an even number to an odd number - which would bump your table size up - I would not count on being able to add one at check-in. You may get lucky, but you may not.

I’d definitely set up the reservation finder and keep checking for the number you now need (I’d look for 8 as well as sometimes the system doesn’t like odd-numbered parties).

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That’s almost exclusively how you check in now.

Option will appear about 15-20 mins in advance

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Thank you, yes realising all my 4 year old knowledge is useless :smiley:

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There have been a couple of changes. :wink:

Happy to help!

Every single time I checked in the last couple of trips on my phone I was given the opportunity to add up to 1 person.

Even when we were nine people at DLR


I’ll pretty much always book an odd number so we’ve got the option to include an extra. But then we’re usually visiting with extended family and plans change.

We haven’t had trouble showing up as fewer tho.

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that’s never problematic


Is this info still pretty current? I have an ADR in March where I could only get it for 4 at a decent time (we have 5) because we didn’t think of the idea sooner, so has anyone else tried recently to go from even to odd by adding one more at check in and not being allowed to? Is it restaurant-dependent? This would be a Sanaa dinner if it matters specifically for table/booth configuration.

I do also have a lunch booked the same day there for all 5, so can play it safe that way, but that may not be as ideal overall in terms of our whole day.

There are some where you are less likely to be offered the option. That said on the one occasion I wasn’t (Oga’s) a pleasant conversation with the CM at check-in allowed me to bring that scruffy cat in with me just the same.

Edited: Careful review of your post reveals it’s Sanaa. You’ll be fine there. We were also allowed to add one scruffy cat to our party of 4 (making us 5).


He is not scruffy!

Have you had the pleasure of being in his company?

He is scruffy :wink:

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We were able to add upon check in via the app to Boma so far, but not Oga’s. The cast member there was so kind and added it for us though once I explained we had an extra in our party. Have Ohana and teppan edo left to try this week though!

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Only in the virtual world… :smiley_cat:

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While from reports it should not be a problem, it could potentially be more difficult to go up to an odd-number. A party of 3 would be seated at a 4-top, so adding a 4th would not be that big a deal. A party of 4 would be assigned a 4-top, but a party of 5 would need a 6-top - so if there are lots of parties of 5 or 6 they may not be able to accommodate or there could be a longer wait.

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