Adding 1 more guest to ADRs

My sister-in-law decided to come along on our Disney trip in early November. Of course, all the ADRs were already set and now I can’t add her to our Akerhaus and BOG dinners. I tried calling and been checking if I can change the # of guests from 8 to 9 with no success. I have reservations finders set for both 9 people and for 1 person (hoping that we can just ask to sit together when we arrive). Does anyone have any advice for this situation? TIA!

You also might want to try 10 or additional party of 2 and party of 6 and 4. I sometimes notice even numbers will pull up different availability. As we get closer and the dates firm up, more things will open. Don’t give up. You might even get something last minute if you keep checking. Worse case, arrive early, let them know you have one extra and cross your fingers for some pixie dust. Be flexible. Your group might have to split to be seated.

From all the evidence I’ve heard, it won’t be an issue. Just show up & let them know you have an extra and have 9 instead of 8 and they will hook you up. I would only really worry about it for reservations that are pre-Rope Drop as I’m not sure they’d let N+1 thru the gates early…

On the podcasts, I believe Len refers to it as “Len-Bombing” a reservation and it sounds like he’s often added more than 1 with success…

CRT is the only one I’ve been to where they had a problem with adding 1 more (and they did it anyway, once they realized that 1 was an infant in a high chair anyway). I could see it also maybe being an issue with BOG, because it’s so cramped in there but if you can get the ADR for 1 person then it shouldn’t be a big deal.

Going from an odd number to the next higher even number is rarely a problem as it would just mean that a seat that would have been empty now has someone in it. Going from 8 to 9 is potentially more problematic, as they will have to change from an 8-top to a 10-top, and there are typically fewer larger tables. Not the case everywhere, but it is at many places.

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When we were at Chefs de France, they wanted to put our group of 5 at a table for 4 with a chair on the end. We didn’t accept that, but I saw others seated that way. If nothing else, they may be able to do that for your extra guest… just add a chair and setting on the end.

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Thanks everyone-great advice and things I didn’t thing about!

We had a group of 16 in January of this year and after being diligent and getting reservations at quite a few restaurants my wonderful sister decided she wanted to join us for the trip a month before we left. My head almost exploded. However, Disney was wonderful! We were able to get a reservation for 1 at a few of the locations, and for the 1 or two that we couldn’t, we simply called Disney Dining at about the 24-48 hour mark before the meal. As they all have a 24 hour cancelation policy that was our best luck at getting that one last seat. We also used the Reservation Finder and secured one through that (Thanks Touring Plans!). Disney also was able to seat all of our parties together at each meal, although they will tell you over and over that there is no guarantee of that happening. I guess we just got super lucky. :slight_smile:

At Eurodisney a few years ago my Mother in Law joined us at the last minute. We threw ourselves on the mercy of the Maitre D’ at the Paris equivalent of Cinderella’s Royal Table. He obliged after checking we didn’t mind being a bit crammed on the tab;e - which of course we didn’t.