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We had our once in a lifetime holiday in March and probably won't be going again but I still can't stay away. I love reading what other people get up to, what they've learned or recommend. Sometimes I can answer a question from the two weeks we spent in the happy place. But most of the time I just love all the happiness and community that's on lines.


If there us something unusual sometimes ADRs are not available to book at day 180. If it is a party night you need a party ticket to eat dinner after 6:00 or 6:15 at some restaurants. Other restaurants are only open until 7:00 and anyone can eat there. Since as of today no one has party ticket they will have to wait until the tickets are released to offer those ADRs. Other dining like a RoL dining package may not be available until that schedule is set.


I spent all night being terrified that I am not going to get any of my ADRs at MK because of this conversation. I am not doing RoL, but will I not be able to just reserved the regular TH meal because of the RoL packages? I am so, so confused by this whole thing. I just want my kid to eat with a princess, you know?


Don't panic - sometimes they just don't load the system right at 180 days for various reasons. While DIS expects us to have all our plans laid out 6 months in advance, often they don't themselves have it all figured out then. It's frustrating, but as long as no one can book, you'll be in solid shape, particularly since you'll be more vigilant in checking than the average WDW attendee.

DIS will only sell so many RoL packages, so there should be plenty of Tusker House "regular" slots to grab.

Historically the Xmas special recording varies on dates and my understanding is it's a relative non-event as far as crowds or impact on touring if you're there but not taking part in the crowd shots. I wouldn't worry about that at all impacting your vacation.


Thank you, you've eased my panic a bit


Don't panic, while some reservations are most popular and harder to get, people are also constantly changing plans. If there's something you want that you don't get right away, set up a reservation finder and keep watching MDE.


I done my ADR's last week and got all I wanted. Some times were a little off, but not by much. I booked both TH and Skippers without the ROL package (as it wasn't available) and will modify it when it does. I also got a BOG dinner without too much hassle. Most will be really easy to get, so don't panic!
Oh and I'm addict too!!


I also set up my Disney account with the restaurants I wanted and put them on my wish list, all ready to go.


I put my ADR list in the same booking priority! That way I can just start at the top and work my way down. Less risk of missing out on a hot one while booking something that never fills up!


If you don't get the ADR you're looking for, do you know about the TP reservation finder?


I do, yes. I am just really anxious about ADRs in general. Hah