Addicted to this site!


Since I found this forum I find that I have to check it everyday. I worry there may be some new Disney gossip I might miss out on​:wink:Anyone else with this " disease "


Several times a day!


Yes. I don't even have any Disney plans and I'm here, because maybe I can help someone with answering questions.

As for Disney news, you should check this site now and then:


Multiple times a day! I'm Nikki, and I'm a TP addict. I have no intentions of stopping my TP addiction though. :sunglasses:


Unfortunately, I am addicted to both this and the lines chat. It has become a problem. I'm not planning a trip, either.


No I don't have any plans either!


No plans here either and I am obsessive about checking here and lines. Please drop in on the open thread if you do not- yes @SirGreggory, @Ariadne and @Donohoe this is a personal invitation!


Ditto what @PrincipalTinker said!


Which open thread @PrincipalTinker


Go to La Cava del Chat and you'll see the open threads by date. Join in, the more the merrier


Yep, I'm here, too. No next trip planned - yet. But this way I stay up with the many changes to WDW, so when the next trip becomes real, I don't have to start from scratch to figure out what has changed since my last visit.


I usually am on a few times a day.


Yep, I am an addict as well. I have learned so many good things here.


I am here so often, that when I begin typing "www" into my web browser, the first thing that comes up is "touring plans". Yikes. And, appropriate.


I am on several times a day, as well. My ADR day is in a week and I am in constant Disney mode.


Where will you be staying and what are you planning on booking? Drop in on the Open Thread!


I love the constant checkers b/c they help us newbies! :grinning:


I'm staying at AoA from 11/5-11/11. My daughter is afraid of head characters but I say to heck with her, we are going to Disney too! :wink:

My very complicated ADR line up is in the order I'm BOOKING it, so it's superbly confusing except to me because I have changed it 48382 times.

11/9 BOG 5:15pm (or something else, I won't stress about this one).
11/5 CRT 6:00pm
11/8 Akershus dinner 6:00pm
11/7 CRT IF NOT 11/5!!!! 6:15
11/8 Garden Grill RD 8:00am and 10am
11/7 The Plaza Restaurant 6:15. (11/5 at 6:00 if no CRT)
11/9 Tusker House 10:15am
11/7 Jungle Navigation Co. Skipper’s Canteen 11:30am
11/6 La Hacienda De San Angel 6:15pm
11/10 Yak and Yeti 5:30pm
11/9 - If NO BOG, then do Jungle Navigation Co. Skipper’s Canteen for dinner at 5:15


It seems as if some of those MK ADRs have not been loaded yet- most likely because of the parties but most of your days are between parties?


What do you mean by they aren't loaded? I am assuming they will be doing the recording of the Christmas specials again this year during this week (I am dreading it but I can't go any other time of year) so maybe that's related?