Added tickets, but FP+ site still says there is a problem

Hey, I am staying off-site and added my tickets (about 35 days out right now). When I go to the FP+ site just to see what it looks like, I get that screen that suggests there is a problem, to link tickets, link resort, etc. I am confident my tickets are linked, but I’m unsure if there is an issue I need to call about or this is expected since I am still not <30 days. Also…what time ET can I start reserving on day 30?

There’s no issue, you just don’t have valid tickets to make FPs today because you haven’t reached 30 days. So the system prompts you to add tickets so that you can use them today like you’re trying to.

7am Eastern.

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That’s what I was thinking, except for their “error” page should be more intuitive to acknowledge that I have tickets loaded, they just aren’t valid yet because I’m >30

It does confuse people. But actually the system assumes that you only try to make FPs when you’re eligible to do so.