Add Turtle Talk with Crush and Epcot Storytellers to the list

I mean there is the up to 35% off offer through mid-April (40% off for AP) but I’m not sure that’s enough. They are going about this all wrong. This was my breaking point. For the first time since this whole thing started and I began cancelling trips I just don’t care if we go or not. We are booked for 10 days in June… we’ll see.


Hope things turn around for you by June. This is all so crazy.
Sorry to be grumpy.

Grumpy is okay.

It’s Sneezy that has us in this mess :wink:


If he would just quarantine and recover, he could be renamed Healthy, and we could all move on.


Yeah but that requires a belief in science :woman_shrugging:t2:
As a person who lives in a fantasy world there’s not a lot of hope to swing him our way.


Maybe we get his mining union boss to hold some benefits over his head?

That hurts! I feel like they could have kept them and just had masks. It’s been a while since I’ve seen them but they’re one of my favorites. :cry:

My seven year old has listed seeing the green army men on her list of “must do’s” for our upcoming trip. I was hoping the guys in the cavalcades would stay.

We have a lot of tickets that we have to use by September, and that is the only reason we are going at this point. If we didn’t already have tickets that we bought a year ago (supposed to be used this past May) then we would probably see little reason to go. Citizens of Mainstreet and Hollywood were my favorite things about the parks. Rides are just rides… we can go to Cedar Point any day at half the cost if we just want rides. Personal touches that these amazing castmembers give are what make Disney worth the trip and the cost.