Add Rope Drop to the Touring Plan

Is there a way to include Rope Drop in my touring plan? On our Animal Kingdom day, we are planning to arrive at 7:30 for Flight of Passage. My touring plan says it will take 114 minutes in line - and I can’t plan anything else before 11am. I want to adjust my plan to start around 9:30 after FOP, but I don’t have that option. Am I missing a step on the site?

It can’t account for that. You should just add a break instead of the attraction.

Start your plan with a 5 min meal at Satuli Canteen at 9.25, then the software knows where you are in the park. But honestly, arriving at 7.30 for a 9am opening should see you off the ride way before that, possibly by 9am.

Thanks. That worked.

I also tried adding a ‘break’ at 9am and renaming it to the correct Rope Drop attraction. That worked!

Here is how I word it:

On an EMH morning on December 16th, we arrived AK lines around 7:10 AM for 8 AM opening. We were off FOP around 8:02 AM and off Navi by 8:20 AM.

They’ve put in some cool features since I used TP last (the undo is great for those times I mean to hit Evaluate and hit Optimize instead). It would be cool if they could add a check box that says something like ‘I promise to be in the parks 1 hour before park open’ and then adjust the wait time accordingly for RD.

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This would be amazing! My plan for HS is a mess. It is saying TSM has a wait of 90 minutes at RD. That seems highly unlikely, but I don’t know a more suitable amount to enter as a break to force it to recognize the RD.