Add pre park breakfast to touring plan

I’m planning a Tusker House breakfast as close to 8am as I can. But if I add it to my touring plan, it puts it at 9am and then my attractions after it. So I just removed the ADR. I have KS as my first attraction and since the touring plan thinks I’m walking at a relaxed pace from rope drop, it’s putting my whole day off (want to do the 10am FoLK but it’s putting it at 11am). Am I missing how to do this? I tried to set my plan start time to 8am but I get an error message.

Try setting your meal to 9am-9:30am at Tusker House. This will account for your position inside the park and should help with the timing.

Agree with @DarthDopey, that’s how I managed my pre-RD CP reservation. I set it to be 9-9:15am and then optimized from there :smile: