Add park day or upgrade hotel?

If you had the option, would you add a park day or upgrade your hotel from POR to the Polynesian?
We’re currently planning 2 days MK, 1 Epcot and would add a day at Animal Kingdom if adding the park day.

2 adults, 3 kids (ages 5, 3.5, 3.5) so at least a double stroller if not a double+single.

Based on your plans, I would add a park day. With all you’re trying to squeeze into the time you’re there, you won’t be at Poly enough to enjoy it. I would prefer to extend the trip out and perhaps move a little slower, but stay at POR for the amount of time you’ll spend at resort.


If the Poly is your upgrade, I’d most definitely add a park day. Not my favourite resort. I also think AK is one of the best parks for young kids. The only advantage to Poly is the two MK days you’ve got booked. It is amazing to hop on the monorail, and your there!


That’s great to know! Good insight. Unfortunately as a family of 5, not many resorts have rooms to fit us without having to stay in a villa/much more expensive room. The monorail access is the most appealing part, but we will also have our car.

I wish we could extend!! This visit Disney part of a much larger road trip and we’ll be heading down to the National Parks in Southern Florida after our few days at Disney. As of now, we’re getting in Saturday and leaving Thursday so instead of a rest day, we can add a park day.

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For the sake of transportation with small children/ strollers, I would probably upgrade to Poly for the monorail and boat. The transportation at POR is “eh” and we ended up using Lyft several times when we stayed there.

Will you have time to enjoy the resort? If I were spending more for Poly, I would want to have some downtime there to enjoy the “perks”.

Right, so upgrading is not worth it. You’re doing a lot in a short period of time.


That sounds amazing! Are you camping in the everglades? I’ve always wanted to do that!

i’d vote for adding a park day. a little more magic in the parks to see and do more beats upgrading the resort. por is lovely, and with a car you’ll be able to get around more easily if transportation from por is a concern. sounds like a great trip!


I would add a park day. AK is a great park–there’s plenty to do even with younger kids. POR is a beautiful resort–we’ve enjoyed our stays there.

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Not camping, but spending a few days at the Everglades NP and Biscayne NP before heading back North. We’re saving Dry Tortugas until the kids are bigger and can snorkel with us.

I would definitely add another day (especially if the upgrade is the Poly).

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In POR, all Alligator Bayou rooms sleep 5.

Park day for sure!

Park Day.

I do not believe Disney earns the prices that they charge for “Deluxe”


I think with younger kids I would go with the Poly. It is convenient for MK, the kids will love the theming, Electric Light Parade on the Poly beach at night or even the HEA fireworks at MK, and the kids will love the monorail as will you with the stroller. It is pricy but it might make your trip more enjoyable. Certainly no right or wrong answer here. Just my $.02.

So just my thought ,I would usually opt for the extra park day but…
with the ages of your kids and the 2 days at MK , I think the Polly is a nice choice the monorail
is great for your Mk days and it leaves the option more open for taking a break if you need for naps
or any unforeseen meltdowns where 1 parent can easily stay in the park !
Not sure if this is mostly a kid trip -I think Everybody loves Epcot and there are a few “kid things”
the seas ,figment ,frozen,mexico and Living with the Land
and Ak not tons but Kilimanjaro safari ,the walking trails and characters or shows ??? would be fun
Maybe do a quick animal trip in the am and take a rest then head over for 1 or 2 things at epcot and finish with the fireworks - If the parking is free ,driving might be good for this part of your trip

anyway just a thought …Hope your trip is great !

If you were there for a week I’d say upgrade the hotel but with only two days I’d think you’d want to get as much out of the parks as possible, so I’d add a park day, and maybe set aside some money for Minnie Vans so you’re not relying on buses.