Add-on FP+ Questions

I’d like to do PP on our arrival day but can really only fit it in if I can get an FP+ for it after we use our 1st 3. Are there generally FP+ available for an evening PP as late as 5PM? This is the plan with the 4th FP+ so you can see where it might fit in if available:

Assuming the answer to the above is that they are generally available, I will have a few specific follow-up questions.


I just checked for today, and they were gone. I know that doesn’t speak to typicality, but the only other things gone were Wished, 7DMT, and Festival of Fantasy. It would make sense to be one of the earliest sell outs, since it’s relative low capacity and high popularity.

They are still available for tomorrow though, so it’s obviously not 7DMT level bad.

Where did you check? The Lines app shows that they are still available?


I just logged into the WDW site and tried to book for today.

Hmmm. Lines still shows that they are available. Maybe it’s based on the number of people in your party? As far as I can tell Lines only looks for the availability of a single FP+? I’m afraid to check in the MDE app because it seems to want me to change my existing reservations to do so.

I still see them for your day, but I was looking at today originally to see how day of availability was.

Yeah, I see them for today in Lines and I’m too afraid of losing my current reservations to look at today in the app.

I thought the lines FPs were based on one, and we’re a computer projection of what would be available?

That’s quite possible, I just assumed since it gives an “updated” time on the available FP+ screens that it was based on actual availability???

You do not lose your current FPP reservations when searching for new ones until you confirm that you are going to take the alternate one that you have found.