Add magicband access to room without adding additional guest?

Ok weird question here but let me try to explain.

I come in to Ft Wilderness this Saturday and have a TP ready to go for a very busy day on Saturday at MK. My parents are coming in on Saturday and will join up with me. They have their own cabin booked and I have my own. However when they arrive their cabin most likely won’t be ready. The will be arriving with a car full of groceries though and would like to put them in MY cabin until theirs is available.

Does anyone know if there is a way I can flag one of their magic bands to access my cabin without actually adding them as an additional guest? They only need access that one time.

I was thinking if I can’t do that, maybe I can just have them meet me in the park and give them one of my extra magic bands (I have a couple) and they can then use that. Do all my magic bands on my account get activated for the room?

All of your magic bands should have access to open the room. You could give them one of your old magic bands well in advance of when they’d need it, I suppose.

There’s also a new feature that you can unlock your room via MDE. I have never done it, so I do not know if it would be reliable in your situation.

Well I can’t give it to them in advance since we are coming in from two completely different locations.They live near Disney and I’m in Canada :slight_smile: So that was why I was hoping to somehow add one of their bands as then they wouldn’t have to come meet me in the park first.

I did see the MDE door unlock which got me excited but it works on bluetooth and requires you to physically tap the lock just like a band.

They should be able to leave their groceries at the check-in place at FW.

Short of meeting up with you somehow, given the short time frame I can’t think of another way to work it. I assume you don’t have time to get an old magic band of yours to them before you leave?

Can you wrap it up like a present and leave it for them at Bell services or the front desk?


hmmmm that’s an interesting idea

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Bell services is a good idea.

Otherwise, I’d consider shipping them a band well in advance so they have immediate access to your room.

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OP said they arrive this Saturday.

I’d just leave it at Bell Services. One of the most widely reported issues people have with magic bands - and not just old ones - is that they don’t open the door. It might work fine but if you go to a lot of effort and it doesn’t and they have to leave it at Bell Services anyway without being prepared to do that, it’s not going to be ideal.

Really? Never had my bands not work. Didn’t know that was even a thing.

Yep. Most people don’t have a problem, but it’s not uncommon and I’d say I’ve seen it reported more in the last year than the whole time before that put together.

Minor detail :blush: Sorry about that.

Two out of three of ours did not work at midnight of checkin day. Luckily, one did.

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Heh well let’s hope that doesn’t happen. I am only bringing one band with me, my others are in my Owner’s Locker which would be inside the cabin waiting for me :stuck_out_tongue:

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I got a lecture about having too many bands. I said they were inactive but she said it didn’t matter.

Too many bands? I don’t understand that concept. :blush:

Ours didn’t work one trip but we found out the battery in the door needed to be replaced. Our bands were fine.

Yup. DHs isn’t working for the roombut is fine for everything else :woman_shrugging:t2:

Are you opposed to giving them your MDE login? Then they could use their phone to tap into your room with the door unlock feature