Add Genie+ to Existing Convention Tickets

I searched all over the forums and Google and couldn’t find a post with this answer, so I’m starting a new thread. If this answer already exists somewhere, sorry for duplicating the question!

How do I go about adding Genie+ to already-purchased convention tickets? Following the directions from the Disney site, the “Change Ticket” option does not appear for the convention tickets. Any advice? Thanks in advance!

Hi - I don’t think you can purchase Genie+ in advance for a convention ticket. You might be able to purchase it day of? I think I recall someone in the forum had a 1 pm convention ticket and purchased Genie+ day of.

It was definitely an option when I purchased the tickets. Just didn’t feel like spending an extra $500 then…

Call the convention ticket line - that will be your best bet. Good luck!


I did that in December.

Believe the convention tickets aren’t changeable at all in general (or at least online), independent of Genie+. Meaning you can’t add days, add Park Hopper etc.