Add existing plan to existing Trip

Is it possible to add an existing plan into an existing trip? Also, is it possible to have both Disney plans and Universal plans in the same trip?

Have you tried to edit the date in your existing plan? I think that would align your plan to your trip.

I do not think you can have both Disney and Universal plans in the same trip/dashboard but I am sure others will jump in.

Yes, they both have the same dates but the plans do not appear in the Trip.

To add the plan to the existing trip, go to your existing plan. Click “Edit”. This will open edit box. Second line down it says “Date to Optimize Plan For”. Select your desired date. Once you do so it will automatically populate into your dashboard.

You can’t have UOR and WDW plans in same trip. Totally sucky and I wish they would fix this, but for now it is what it is.

Thanks. That did the trick. Shame about not being able to combine plans.

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They are constantly making improvements so I imagine at some point that will become possible :slight_smile: