Add Dessert Parties to Touring Plans?


Hi there! Is it possible to add any of the dessert parties to custom touring plans? This is our first time going to a dessert party and we are actually going to two: Galactic Spectacular and Tomorrowland Terrace.


I would add a meal at the nearest restaurant. I don't remember if the Tomorrowland Terrace shows up, but Cosmic Ray's is nearby. As for the timing, you can have the meal take the entire time through the end of the fireworks and leave the show off your plan, or time it so the "meal" ends 15 minutes before.


Did u remake reservations for these parties already or are they just in your plans ? If u DID make reservations when t u going . I'm going in late November and had no luck with either


I added a MK dessert party as a meal at Tomorrowland Terrace to end with the fireworks. That way it has you in the correct starting place for any steps that happen after the fireworks. Otherwise it will think you're eating and then going to the Hub to watch the fireworks and it could mess up your walking times.

For the Galactic one I would do the same, using the location of the dessert party (or the nearest food location) as a meal.


I did make reservations already. We are going in 12 days! :slight_smile:


Thank you!