Add days to tickets

I have a MYW 5 day ticket. Want to add an extra day. Can I just call and add it and pay the price difference?

If you already have the (unused) ticket in hand, I think you need to be at Guests Services to upgrade them. If they are part of a package you have booked, you can call and have another day added.

Asked my agent the same question last week and she said that the concierge could add a 6th day for about $10 or so a ticket up to 24 hours before. If that’s true, that’s a steal… even if we only enjoy that park for a couple of hours.

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We did it on our honeymoon in 2011, had them do it at the desk when we decided we were too tired for a US day but didn’t want to just stay at the hotel. Probably going to do it next month, have four day tix, sounds like it will be about ten each
to add day. It was six each last time

You can do it at any point during your trip as long as you still have unused days left on your ticket. After five days it is about $10 per extra day up to 10 days which is the maximum.

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