Actual DHS Rope Drop times?

Hi Gang! Visiting DHS on Tuesday, 1/28. Park open is 7:00, and we will be there between 5:30 and 6:00.

We will be trying to get a boarding group for ROTR, but I’m wondering what time Rope Drop is, so I can plan to hit the standby for Slinky Dog or Smuggler’s Run before park open at 7. Any guesses, based on the recent openings?

Based on recent openings - you are allowed into the park at 6am where you are held on Hollywood Blvd until 7am. None of the rides are open until then - just like at most other RD at the WDW parks. There was a brief period, for about a week, when they did let ppl on rides early. This back in early December.

I’d head over to TSL as a vast majority of ppl will follow the herd to SW:GE.

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Ah, thanks @darkmite2.

Yeah, I was basing my plan on some of the early days for ROTR where they would let people fully into the park much earlier than rope drop. Appreciate the tip!

May the :sparkles:Force be with you.

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When we were there 2 weeks ago and from what I’ve seem posted since, they are actually holding people until a few minutes AFTER opening before allowing them to proceed to rides. The assumption is they know a lot of people are trying to book boarding groups right at opening and don’t want people trying to speed walk (run?) and stare at their phones at the same time.