Activity Ideas for DD8

Our family is heading to The World in August for our twice canceled revenge trip. DS11 is a big Star Wars fan so he is locked in for building a lightsaber and a droid.
Once upon a time we had planned to do BBB for DD8 but it looks like it’s still not open and I’m not sure how much she’s into princesses anymore. We want to have equal opportunities for both kids to do something special. Does anyone have ideas for a fun activity that would be somewhat comparable to either Droid Depot or Savi’s?


Here’s a link to all kinds of Enchanting Extras

The first thing that came to mind was Drawn To Life. I have no idea what that costs, so it may be above and beyond, but given that Savis will cost $220 and Droids another $100, maybe it’s reasonable (the catch being one of the adults would have to go with her, doubling the cost)

This was the first thing I thought of as well. :sunglasses:

We have tix for Drawn to Life next month. It was $136.69 per person with all taxes and fees.

There are five tiers of tickets and we opted for the middle one ($119 before tax and fees) Our seats are in Section 204. They are centered and back/above the horizontal walkway. I read that this area was recommended for the best views, including the performers on the walkways.

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Ooh. This isn’t a bad idea. I’ll run it past her and see what she thinks! Thank you!

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