Activities/entertainment around Boardwalk?

I’m making a rough plan for our trip at the beginning of March and wondering what there would be to do around the Boardwalk area. It will be me, DH, DS5, and DD3. We will probably spend the first half of the day at HS and then grab dinner on the Boardwalk (probably the bakery?!) I’m just wondering if there’s enough to do around there and spend a chunk of time - or just plan to head back to our resort (BLT) or elsewhere that night?

I love the BW area! There are usually jugglers or magicians spread out around the BW at night. There are also a few carnival games and it is beautiful at night. That being said, for me, I get bored after about an hour. I think it really depends on what you enjoy.

We also love BW. We catch the shows, walk off dinner, grab a margarita or funnel cake and sit back and relax. The shops are neat to walk thru and my kids pin-trade so they always enjoy going in shops so they can check out any potential trading CMs. You can also catch the fireworks from Illuminations.

There’s also movies on the green each night.
If the weather is inclement, the entertainers are in the BW lobby.
There are surrey bike rentals too. Not a leisurely ride though, there’s a lot of uphill pedaling.
Avoid the pizza window!! Worst pizza anywhere. LOL!
Bakery offerings are pretty slim for dinner, but there may be something that appeals. It’s much better for a cupcake or other dessert at that time of day. Oddly, the kiosk with the chicken wings has decent food. There would probably be something for the kids there.

Haha - I’m all set with uphill pedaling!
We will be on the Dining Plan so will grab whatever Quick Service options look good. (I mention the Bakery because I will opt for a lobster roll everytime :slight_smile: But my kids and husband would probably prefer to eat elsewhere!)
It’s looking like we will grab something to eat there and walk around for a bit - but have plenty of evening hours left to swim/campfire/movie back at our resort before the kids crash!

Thanks, all!

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