Activating Memory Maker

Please provide advice (Outer or other Liners in the “know”):

I purchased MM through a dummy account I set up. I have a few issues.

  1. In my confirmation email of purchase, I have a “Tickets Confirmation Number.” The number shows I pre-purchased Memory Maker. When I go back to MDE to activate it (as I’ve read I must activate MM after purchase), within MDE, I select ==>My Disney Experience==>My Photo Pass. Then, I select “Link Memory Maker.” This is the only way I can think of to activate the Memory Maker. However, my “tickets confirmation number” doesn’t work here. Am I going to the wrong place to activate it or how do you activate it?

  2. I have linked to this dummy account my real MDE account which contains my family and my friends’ family. I have also linked two other people through their MDE accounts.

To clarify, this means the dummy account “sees” people in 3 separate MDE accounts. The dummy account has a total of 13 adults and children as “friends and family.”

However, after double checking all of these accounts, I am very confused about how these people show up in the dummy account. I get various info on various people like this:

And, the spouse of the “Krista” person does not show up in this dummy account.

My question is: Are we fine with the way the dummy account shows the connection to these friends and family? Will all of those people’s pictures show up in the dummy account?

Thanks for the help!

Activation of the MM happens when you do your first download or remove the water mark.

Everyone who wants to add photos to the dummy account must be linked as friends and family to the dummy account even if they don’t have their own MDE and are a profile managed by someone else. The settings should be “travels often with me” and “can view and purchase my photopass photos”.

Thanks, AuntB. On the dummy and on the other MDE settings, I do have the “travels often with me.” But, which account needs to have the “can view and purchase my photo pass photos”-just the real MDE accounts or should the dummy account say that too?

Also, so above, in my original post it has

“Anna cannot view your plans or photos.”

That is FINE, yes? Because, this dummy account sees Anna since she’s listed there. And, since Anna is a dependent on one of the real MDE accounts, it’s fine that it says she can’t view the dummy account’s photos. Yes?

The real accounts need to have their setting can view and purchase my photos in the settings associated with dummy profile. So dummy account is joe dummy. In MaryAnn’s account under Joe Dummy friend MaryAnn should have selected Joe Dummy can view and purchase my photopass photos.

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But, why do I not see MM in my dummy account anywhere? And, why was I given a “Ticket Confirmation Number” if it doesn’t work? Why in my dummy account is there no indication that I already purchased MM?

OK, I get that part. Thanks.

In your dummy account under reservations if you go all the way to the bottom is there not a memory entitlement showing? Did you assign it to yourself when trying to “activate”?

THANK YOU…OOHHHHHH…I wasn’t looking there. Yes, I do see a confirmation number listed there. Yes, I think I was trying to assign it to myself with that ticket confirmation number when it was already there. Ugh. Sometimes I find the MDE site not very intuitive.

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Ok now go into your own MDE under reservations in the same place you should see MM assigned to “Joe Dummy”. If you see this you are linked correctly. Have all of your share peeps check too. If someone does not see it then the link up is not correct.

So, in my real MDE, I do not see the Joe Dummy MM linked. But, my settings are “Joe Dummy can view and purchase my photos.”

Went back to Joe Dummy and changed his friends to “view all activities” and “can view and purchase photos” and now my Real MDE account sees his MM! Great. Thanks.

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You need to adjust the settings IN the dummy account. Go to dummy account, find your profile, select travels often with me, can view and purchase my photos.z

Yes. I did that! It’s showing up in all the MDE accounts that Joe Dummy has a MM.

Yay! I did not type fast enough! Should have refreshed before posting. Anyway be sure to check everyone else too and have them verify they can see the MM

I control 2 of the three MDE accounts and have confirmed they are correctly linked. The 3rd is being confirmed. But, there is an option of reassigning the MM to another account now and I don’t want the 3rd MDE account to go in and reassign MM to herself.

That is a risk you take with a share. She should be able to confirm in her own MDE that she can see the MM in the dummy accounts name. The dummy account has the MM entitlement and only the dummy account can reassign it. It will be secure until you share the dummy password. Some people wait until they return to give password out. I never did. Sharing is trusting…lolz

Yes, I see. Thank you so much for all of your help. You saved me hours of going around and around in circles! THANKS THANKS THANKS!