Activating AP in MK before the early breakfast reservation

We are a family of 4 and planning our 10 day trip to wdw in Jan 2020. I am considering buying the AP for myself (after crunching some numbers and adding the TiW into equation it seems worth it).

However, there are some unknowns I really hope the Touring Plans community can help me with:

  1. We are planning to start our trip with early breakfast in MK. Would this pose a problem if I stll need to activate the AP the same morning? Would guest relations open early enough and how long does it take in your experience?

  2. After the AP is activated, is it easy enough to purchase the TiW card? Again, I am a bit concerned about the timing, but do not want to miss on dining discounts for the first day.

Looking forward to your advice!

I recently called Disney to ask about this very question, well actually I called about the Magic Band fiasco, but had a live CM, so asked all of the questions that I came up with while I was on hold. I was told that I could change my ticket to an AP at my hotel desk. Since I have a package, I should wait and make the change after checking in, unless an AP room discount came up and then I should change it before checking in. Can’t remember what was said about TiW. Since I frequently get different answers from CMs, I plan on calling back as soon as I make up my mind. So, my advice would be, send an email to Guest Services and/or call Disney.

Thank you, illini74,

As you said, changing tickets to AP would work well, unless the AP room discount comes up. I am sort of hoping there will be some passholders offers for January. And you still need to activate it before buying TiW.

Another option would be for me to run to the park or Disney Springs the previous evening (we arrive in the afternoon the day before) and sort out all the logistics before coming to the park as a family.

Not sure what would be best though.

We activated our AP at guest relations at MK. We arrived at around 9:00 pm and I was surprised at how long the line was. I think we waited around 30 - 35 min. So be sure to plan for a chunk of time just in case. Do you have the option to go to Disney Springs to activate it the night before?

Yes, Disney Springs sounds like the way to go.
Thanks for the information.