Activating AP at resort?

I’ve seen conflicting reports regarding this subject… Can I activate a pre-purchased annual pass voucher at a resort (such as the poly) concierge desk upon arrival? Or do you have to wait until you get to the park ticket window?

Also, it’s been over a decade since we’ve stayed on property and a lot has changed… Since we are staying at the Poly, I assume our magic bands will be shipped a few weeks before. Can I link an unactivated AP to these magic bands we receive for our resort stay before we arrive?

Guest services at a park.

Your AP should be already linked to your MDE account. Have you logged on and looked? I have always been able to apply AP discounts prior to activation.

Is there something physical we have to take besides the card used to purchase and an ID? I keep seeing the word voucher thrown around and I keep thinking I’m missing something. Is it virtual only?

i haven’t purchased the AP yet… i have a room-only reservation for feb 2019, but i was weighing getting the AP, since we will be returning later in 2019 too. I was just doing some research on it, so I can’t actually see anything in my MDE account to play around with yet

When I have purchased the AP before a trip it defaults to electronic delivery. I have changed that to mailing a voucher. You get a green card. It really doesn’t matter, both ways automatically link the AP to your MDE and you still need to go to guest services to activate.


I bought an AP direct from Disney electronically and can see it in MDE currently. My understanding is I will just need to stop by guest services to activate it on my first day, but I won’t get to that step until July.


I know it is possible. I was at POR in January, and they were willing to do the activation at Resort Concierge for me, however, the only cards they had were the 2017 stock, not the 2018. Because of this (and only because of this), they [sent me] ahem encouraged me to go to a park ticket window to do the activation.

If they had received the 2018 media by then, they would have done my activation there.

Personally, I’d encourage you to hit your resort concierge if the line is short to do yours. Alternatively, depending on the location of your room at the Poly, walk over to the TTC and take care of it there.

Thanks for the info! I hope this is the case when we arrive. I figured I could just do the quick walk over to the TTC to do it, but hey, if I can save 30 minutes by doing it at the concierge, that’s 30 minutes earlier I’ll be riding space mountain!

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According to @Randall1028, he could not activate at his resort today.

Which agrees with conventional opinion that it needs to be done at GS or a ticket window at a park or DS.

I think @MouseGirl42 perhaps got a CM who decided to invent some excuse as to why they couldn’t! Because Disney have always said you have to activate at a park or DS n anything I’ve ever seen.


Yeah, I saw. As for inventing an excuse… considering that they showed me the AP cards in their hand, with the 2017 date on them, I feel confident that they weren’t “inventing” anything.

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This is news to me. I’ve always had to make a trip to a park or Disney Springs to get this done.

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I didn’t mean to imply I didn’t believe you. :sweat_smile:

It could be they’re doing some kind of trial. To me it makes sense to have the concierge CMs able to do it, leaving the GS just dealing with offsite AP holders.


I know it can have bad information but Disney seems to say at parks or Disney Springs?

Alright, so I think we’ve come to a consensus that it can’t be activated with a concierge CM. However, can you guys confirm from experience that it can be activated at the TTC. Since we’re staying at the Poly, the TTC is just about as good since I can walk there in 5 minutes. If so, can you just walk up to one of the ordinary ticket windows, or is there a GS location there? Thanks!

I think they removed GS from there?

I think at park Guest Relations windows or “main ticket buying windows” – such as the TTC – they can activate it for you. Pretty much anywhere you can buy a ticket and get a new MagicBand, they have the authority/tech/computers to activate passes as well.

Best answer: (407) 560-7277 Annual Passholders phone number.


I’m trying to put AP activation in my plans. I know the line varies greatly but can anyone tell me how long it takes the GS CM to do the process?

Out of curiosity, which park has the quickest activation for AP’s? When we went a couple of years ago, it took more than an hour at the GS window at MK - which included a crazy 10 minute downpour. I don’t really want to relive that experience. Our first park day is at Epcot. Are their lines good?

Very quick. Where are you going day 1?

Absolutely no lines no waiting in GS in Liberty Square after RD on a Saturday. Short (less than 5 mins wait at AK) around noon on a Friday.