Activating annual passes...two at a time

I bought 4 seasonal passes back in January (2022) for our May 2023 trip. Doing so will have ultimately saved us about $400, due to more recent price increases.

Anyhow, my wife and I decided to activate our passes in December to see UOR at Christmas. But the other two (for my kids) won’t be activated until May.

Herein lies the conundrum. I noticed that because I bought all four passes in the same transaction, I have just a single QR code for all four passes. So, when I take this QR code to guest services in December, is this going to cause issues when we only want to activate two of them? Has anyone done this before…buying more than one annual pass, but activating them on different days?

Each pass will only activate on the day you scan in at the turnstiles. Picking up the passes don’t activate them. Once you receive the 4 passes, they are treated as individual and are not tied together.


Okay… that’s good to know. I was confusing myself on how this would work. I was thinking I would be activating them at guest services, same as Disney. Instead, I am just picking them up there. Got it! Thanks!


To confirm, you can pick up the tickets at any time. They don’t activate until someone links their fingerprint with the ticket.

I’ve bought multiple ticket types this year for myself and family and activated them at different times.