Acronyms and Other Trivia

Thanks for the additions! This list is definately a work in progress. I didn’t add any of the family acronyms because there are so many. If you want to list and explain them, I can put a note at the bottom of the list, but I think it would really clog it up with everything from EDH’s to DMLs and ‘ain’t nobody got time for them’ :wink:

There’s no need for SFL here. Lol Threads can be bookmarked.

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^This x 100000000

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True. I was suggesting it since you posted the link on chat.

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Thanks this is great though never going to learn them! Maybe once I get to the parks I’ll have a clue! :slight_smile:

You’ll learn them faster than you think. Soon you will texting your friends or posting to facebook in Disney code. :slight_smile:

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What does SFL mean?

Save for later. It saves the thread on chat to your chats


What does ‘liner’ mean?

A “Liner” is someone who uses the Touring Plans App that is called Lines. At this point it probably also encompasses those here on the Touring Plans Forum as well. =)

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This should help:

Should we add:

DS - Disney Springs

to the list?

And/or during the conversion phase:

DS/DD or DD/DS - Disney Springs / Downtown Disney or Downton Disney / Disney Springs

Maybe a pinned list of abbreviations that is updated as necessary would be in order.

On the other hand, I have to admit that I ran into a lot of other great information (related and unrelated) when I was trying to find out what certain abbreviations meant. The discoveries you make along the way is half the fun of being part of TP.

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Have JTA & BBB already been mentioned and I overlooked them?

JTA = Jedi Training Academy and BBB = Bippity Boppity Boo boutique

What does HV mean, saw that in a post the other day, also can an admin pin this for the newbies, we’ll be bookmarking but it’s good data.

maybe Hollywood & Vine?

What does IPO mean? I saw it on a post and I can’t find it on this list.

Common vernacular for IPO = Initial Public Offering. I’d presume same in a DIS sense to convey it’s the first time something is being made available to the general populace at large, but that may be a mistake on my part…

Nope - this was in reference to concierge level at Poly and using the IPO for booking ADRs…

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