Acquired wisdom for holidays at DW

We are here celebrating the holidays at DW for the first time and loving it despite crazy hiccups- problems with Magic Band not linked to our park entry, another guest relations visit to fix why MB didn’t connect to our FPs, rain, rain, and more rain. And now DD10 woke up with a fever so I was up since 4am searching through my wonky med insurance website for a participating urgent care.

But it’s all ok cuz we are here and going to make the most of everything! I was able to switch our FPs around so I think we can still salvage a park day but with a later start.

But I thought I’d share some random observations:
How can so many of the holiday merchandise already be GONE?!
No more holiday head bands or Magic bands! No more Chip and Dale pin OR their cookie jar?! No more holiday snacks pin set?! I put off on buying the above till I got here but now I regret it as holiday merchandise apparently usually sell out before the holiday crowds hit!!!


The holiday stuff probably went on sale as soon as Halloween was over!

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But I’m shocked Disney doesn’t restock! They would make an even more of a killing with holiday sales this week and next!!!


I’m sorry you didn’t get the things you wanted.


Yeah… but on the flip side if they order too much they’ll have to send it all over to the Outlets and lose money. They’d prefer to run out of something and make all their projected sales than be stuck with a bunch of unsold seasonal items.


You’re not the only person who’s posted here saying stuff was sold out. Someone had a trip report from a few weeks ago (I think) saying they went to 2 of the Xmas parties and the special ornament for those was already sold out.

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So crazy! I’m still happy to be here but was just shocked.