Accuracy of wait time in "optimized" plans on new years week

Just finalized my plan for the week of 12/30-1/4/20
Just doesn’t seem realistic the wait times quoted. I’m basing this off the forums and websites that say that week is a madhouse.

Any thoughts?

You’ll need to wait until the first week of December to get the next TP update.

Even then it’s going to be interesting to see what RotR opening will do to this date.

The Overlords will tell you that all bets are off during that period

Have you tried looking at last year actual wait times vs predicted?

You can move between days and for a particular day click on one park and see all the wait times for every attraction (predicted are the blue lines, actual posted by disney the pink lines and black dots). Some attractions are definitely off (sometimes even double the time predicted).

I’m going the same week and will do my touring plan by myself and using data from the last year.