Accuracy of height measurements in the park

Hi All. Planning for my family’s first visit to Disneyland (late November/early December 2019) and am wondering about height measurements for my two younger children - both of whom, per my measurement in their bare feet at home, appear to be 42" and 48" tall.

How accurate do folks find height measurements to be within the park? If careful measurement at home in bare feet yields the above measurements is it safe to assume in-park measurements (in shoes) will be greater than 42/48"?

Many thanks!


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My daughter was about 41.75 in in bare feet and easily cleared at the park in flip flops and tennis shoes. Your kids should be fine. I suspect they run the measurement bar a little low just to be generous.

I assume you’ll be fine since you measured them bare feet. As for the in-park measurement itself, I found it very variable from one CM to another.

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As a former theme park ride operator, WB MovieWorld in Australia & multiple Six Flags, I can tell you as long as you are pretty close you’ll get on.

It’s the kids that have their hair “puffed up” six inches or are in heels / platform shoes that get pulled out.


I had a child allowed on Soarin, but turned away at Test Track, on the same day. By my measurement at home he was exactly 40 inches with shoes. Given that your measurements are in bare feet, I think you should have no problem.


I don’t think we were ever turned away when we thought the kids were close, but with our youngest son, I do remember putting folded-up socks under his heels Inside his shoes, once, at WDW.

We measured in shoes at home always and when they were close we set expectations that it wasn’t up to us and we practiced standing tall (NOT on tiptoes) but full height with good posture and head straight on.

The only issue we ever had when any of my kids were close was on Jumpin Jellyfish (and it wasn’t even the first time on the ride either). Son was measured, deemed tall enough so we entered line. We had to leave the line to use the restroom, so we did. Came back and it was a different CM and she wiggled her pinkie finger in my son’s hair and said “I can just get my finger between his head and the bar so he isn’t tall enough” It was weird and we were frustrated but it wasn’t worth the energy to combat that so we just came back another day/time for it.