Accuracy of an optimized touring plan for Animal Kingdom

Our family is going to the Animal Kingdom on Thurday, April 9th. I used the One Day Touring Plan for Tweens and Their Parents. After I optimized the plan, it dropped Expedition Everest from the 1st item to the 6th item on the plan list. In most touring plans, Expedition Everest is the first item on the list for a reason. How accurate is the optimized plan? If there is some chance of inaccuracy, I would rather stick with the original touring plan. The optimized plan included Fast Pass+ for the following:
Dinosaur at 0900AM
Kali River Rapids 0245PM
Kilimanjaro Safaris at 0545PM

Can’t verify the accuracy of the plan but our plan is to be in AK that afternoon, so I hope for both our sakes it’s close.

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If there is some chance of inaccuracy[/quote]
There’s always some chance of inaccuracy. The optimized plans are based on crowd forecasts for a particular day. Like any “forecast”, there’s always a chance the prediction may not turn out exactly as expected. Personally, I feel confident using the personalized plans that they’re more likely to be accurate than any other system I know, so I’d rely on the optimized plan.

Having said that, it is a little odd that Everest wouldn’t be one of the first steps on your plan. It’s usually one of the first steps in my plans. Some things that could affect the order of attractions would be when you plan to arrive (if not before park opening), any FastPass+ reservations that you have or plan to have, the “walking speed” that you choose, and your choice for “waiting vs. walking”.

NOTE: I see you have a FastPass+ listed for Dinosaur at 9:00 AM. I’d be surprised if there is any significant line for that attraction at that point in the day. You might be better offer using the FastPass+ for Everest.

Yes, FPP in a PTP can wreak havoc… try copying over to a new plan, remove all FPP, Optimize, and then add FPP back in one at a time to see if they really help. I’ve done this many times, and often as the logarithm updates, the FPP you thought would help, ends up not being that great…