Accomodations and "Disney Math" - why the difference?

I was looking at the cost per day and then the total cost for our room at CBR; six nights are at $201 ($1206 total) and two nights are at $216 ($432 total). Altogether, this comes out to $1638 - but the total cost Disney shows is $1977.76. This is a $339.76 difference, or roughly 21% more than the cost of the room itself. I know taxes are high, but I’m going to guess they aren’t THAT high.

About the only thing I can think of is, since there are five people (3 adults and 2 kids) in the group, we’re being charged extra for the fifth person. Is my guess right, or is there yet some other reason I’m not thinking of that accounts for that discrepancy?

At last check was extra $15/night for each adult after the first 2 in a room, so $120 extra for 8 nights. So adds up to $1758 + whatever special room surcharges/tax/etc.
Hmm… still sounds like a lot of tax.

The extra adult charge plus 5 percent resort tax PLUS 6/7 percent sales tax will be why. You need to add 11-12 percent to wdw prices depending on resort.

Hotel taxes and fees are higher than most people expect. I’ve stayed at CBR twice and the actual room cost was 12.5% more than the pre-tax rate. With the extra $120 for the fifth person ($15 per night X 8 nights) if you add 12.5%, then it comes out to the number you quoted.

An interesting note (at least to me) is that if you stay in one of the resorts in Osceola County (ie: the All-Stars and I think the Animal Kingdom Lodge), then you pay 13% more in taxes than the pre-tax rate. I’ve never looked into this, but I assume Ocseola County rooms are taxed at a higher rate than those in Orange County.


Thanks everyone for the feedback! I figured there had to be a reason, just wanted to figure out what it was!

Wondering if you have done calculations through DVC Rental Store? For example, if you booked through them, you could stay in a 1 bedroom at AK, Boardwalk, etc. for about the same price. (Not sure if you wanted to go that route but figured I would throw that out there since I wasn’t aware of this option when I was first doing my Disney calculations and so glad someone recommended it to me! We are staying at BLT later this month!)

At this point, after spending a lot of time before settling on POR - and then switching to CBR - I think I’d be lynched if I suggested yet another change. :stuck_out_tongue: