Accomadation advice/thoughts please

On our first trip to WDW we stayed on site for all the usual reasons, however we are looking to return to Orlando in April 2019 and I’m unsure where to stay. We only did Disney last time so the vague plan is to do everything else with no Disney, but that feels so wrong. I can’t justify WDW tickets on top of Universal and Discovery Cove. A private villa with a pool doesn’t appeal as it involves too much driving, but having the kids in the same room as us all week would not be my first choice either. Any recommendations on the holiday villages near International drive please, Sheratons, Floridays, Wyndham, Omni please? I’d like to stay at least 1 night on site at universal to get their FPP equivalent, and I’m looking at the Seaworld partner hotels, but I’m not sure their benefits are worth it? By the time we come my girls will be 7 & 9, does that make them too young/small for much of universal? Staying on site at Disney made everything very easy and relaxed, we were generally active in the morning and early afternoon, then relaxed around the pool for the rest of the day. I loved being able to pick up dinner from Captn Cooks and eat in our swimming costumes. Any thoughts and suggestions much appreciated.

How about one of the Disney Springs resorts? I believe the Sheraton has suites? You would also get 60 day FPS.

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Get the cheapest Universal deluxe you can for a couple of days (it’s normally Royal Pacific)

The unlimited express passes are great

Renaissance seaworld is a great hotel location wise just a short walk to seaworld but also a short walk to the closest shuttle to busch gardens

I could certainly justify a holiday to orlando without disney

Discovery cove is brilliant but not cheap of course

I think you will have a great time


Two days at a deluxe universal and you would get all the rides done morning and early evening and be able to relax and recharge around the pool in the afternoon

It’s very calm and relaxed like that


It really depends on your girls heights and adventurousness (is that a word?!). My 7yo was 53" but that’s still not tall enough for all the coasters there - he couldn’t do Hulk, Dragon Challenge (though that’s gone anyway) - and one other I’m sure though I can’t remember what. Maybe it was just those. He was devastated about that. There was still a lot he could do though. This was before Diagon Alley opened, and if your girls are into Harry Potter, even without the rides those areas are amazing.

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I stayed here once for a conference in Orlando

It was very nice and had the perks of a free full breakfast buffet, and a free happy hour spread in the late afternoon (including free drinks). Room was spacious and although not “deluxe” in all regards, I would certainly consider it for an off-site stay. Only possible downside for you would be that the pool is pretty small and unimpressive.

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Because you are so far out with this vacation I am going to suggest you give this travel agency a try. No I am not affiliated to them in any way except as a customer. They are an agency named Magical Vacation Travel. They work via Disney’s business section and get rates that are unheard of. If you have the time go to their site and ask for a quote on what and when your looking for. Could save you a lot of money. Just a thought.

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@DocHopper thanks I will check them out
@bswan26 I have looked at the Embassy suites because Virgin offers a decent price that includes flights, so we could use it as a base.
@interested I hear you re universal, I think I’d prefer 3 days with the express pass instead of a week without. Also looking at Renaiissance for our Discovery cove/Seaworld time, thanks
@missoverexcited There would be alot DD6 couldn’t/wouldn’t want to do at Universal
@PrincipalTinker Thanks, a large resort with an interesting pool would be a sensible option to use as a base, and there are decent discounts for staying somewhere a week, it would make sense if we want to visit lots of different parks in Orlando.

My ideal plan is 3 nights at AKL, 2 nights at HRH (Universal), 4 nights at Renaissance (Seaworld) and then 5 nights at BC. That way we are close, even walkable distance from the places we are visiting, though it does mean packing up a few times. 5 nights at the Beach Club is a bit of a pipe dream, but I will check out DVC rental. Depending on how I book flights I might need to do 5 nights together at the beginning, and we’ll definetly need access to a washing machine by the second week.

What would your ideal Orlando holiday look like? Would you stay in one place or have a split stay?