Accidentally hit 'optimize'...I could cry

I accidentally hit the optimize button on one of my plans. I could cry :sob::sob: I stayed up stupid late changing some things and now it’s all messed up. I’ve been searching like crazy but don’t see where we can undo this? I wish there was a save button so an accident didn’t overnight your plans!!


oh no! I had this happen one day too. I do wish there was an undo button. Now once I get things where I want them, I make a copy before I try anything new. So sorry this happened to you.

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This is what I do too, I only “mess” with the copy.

I was afraid there was no fix. Darn. We leave tomorrow, I don’t have time to fix it but I’ll have to Fit it in today somehow. Yes the first thing I did was make copies of every plan after that lol! Ugg

I hope you have an amazing time! We are 47 days out and I am a nervous wreck.

I hate it when that happens.

I have done that also, if you worked really hard on it, you may remember where you had most things and you can just drag them back to their original place. I think it happens to everyone. The copy also helps if you accidentally hit Optimize while in the park and weren’t intending on it. Major meltdown avoided because of the copy. :slight_smile: Have so much fun!


They don’t make it super clear that it saves automatically! Thank God I figured that out early!

We’ve all done this. I did it once while in the park. Modifying on the app is a headache. I’d love to see an “are you sure” button for Optimize.

Hopefully you’ll remember most of your changes and get them back where you want them.


I will label the title of the plan including the words, Do Not Optimize and still click Optimize.


Good idea

I hate that!!! @len is there no way to program an “Are You Sure?!?!” into the system?! I know many of us have talked about this for many many years.


Totally agree! I’ve done it on at least one day of all 3 trips I’ve planned across WDW and DLR, so frustrating and very time intensive to repair. I honestly don’t get optimize. I’d much rather evaluate a bazillion times and move things around manually till the waiting/walking/fast pass benefit/last fast pass tap in time all looks/feels right. Love the steps on the map feature so I know where things actually are in the park! I also loved how you can plan a day at world showcase and figure out how to fit in the shows that have hard start times, and play around till it makes sense! The optimize results are always head scratching to me.

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Completely agree!

I actually made copies of all my plans, then optimized the copies to see how they would turn out. On my plans, everything is in a nice order around the park, no zig-zagging, no back tracking. On every optimized copy it had us back tracking and wasting time walking. And the most time it saved on any plan copy was 10 minutes. 10 minutes. With a walking time increase of at least 20 minutes.

I’ll stick with evaluating :rofl:

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Yep! I am NOT waking back and forth all week!

Or a toggle on the plan to disable the optimize. Maybe both would be best. A toggle to disable and a warning in the event that you hadn’t turned it off yet.

Most ideal would be if you could undo the last action. This way, you can “try out” an Optimization, but if you aren’t happy with the results, undo it.

Just having a warning isn’t as helpful because you sometimes want to just play around and see what Optimize can do for you. (Although, I agree it is better than losing what you have already done.)

I remember a few months back @len mentioned that they had hired a UX (User Experience) company to provide input on things to change/improve. I wonder if this kind of thing was included in recommendations or not.


An ‘undo’ button is on David’s short-term list of things to do.


I’ve been there and it’s painful!