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Very new here, so hope I’m posting this in the appropriate place! We’re planning on coming to Disney World later this year but have been told that the only places that have walk in showers (I have arthritic knees and struggle to step in and out of a shower over a bath) are the villas at Old Key West and Saratoga Springs.

Has anyone had any experience of the rooms at places like Yacht Club, Animal Kingdom and the Contemporary Tower which is where we originally booked through our travel agent to stay until they checked with Disney about accessibility?



Are you only looking at DVC? I ask because I had an assessable room at Port Orleans. Copper Creek is a DVC Resort with walk in shower rooms.

All DVC 1-beds and larger have separate showers. Not sure about studios.

But there are accessible rooms at many resorts. I would phone Disney and ask. I think they will be a bookable category and, if not all booked, then others can be assigned to them. I know that happens with DVC rooms.

Hi, thanks for replying so quickly! No, we weren’t looking at DVC itself - we were trying to book Animal Kingdom, Contemporary and Yacht Club. Our travel agent has been liasing with Disney and they have been told (apparently) that only Old Key West and Saratoga Springs was suitable which didn’t sound right to me. I’m sure I stayed in a room with a walk in shower in Yacht Club many years ago!

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It may be that is all that is available.

Not going until November, but I guess its so popular that may be true

Have you checked for yourself? Some travel agents only book blocks of rooms you might be better booking for yourself or looking for a different agent.