Absolute Proof Positive that Sea World is now better than WDW


Nope. Not so fast.

Free beer isn’t always good.

What KIND OF beer? That matters tremendously.

Edited: Looks like at least a few good labels. Okay, they are doing a good thing.

BUT ONLY BECAUSE THAT’S THE ONLY WAY TO GET PEOPLE TO GO! The nerdy frats at MIT did that too. Come to our party, free booze! because nobody would go otherwise :wink:



Really? I’d pass up sooooooooooo many of the “popular” brands in favor of water. Beer is only good if it’s good beer. Cheap beer is best left to the college kids.


For real. I’ll pass on the free Natty Light, thanks. :face_vomiting:


Busch Gardens is giving free beer for a month to celebrate the Lightning win?


As someone who loves to sample many different kinds of beer, I fully endorse this sentiment.


When Anheuser Busch owned Sea World and Busch Gardens, they had the “Hospitality House” where they gave out free beer. It was in teeny tiny cups, about the size of what one uses to rinse at the dentist’s. The choices I believe were Budweiser and Bud Light. Maybe Icehouse, when that was a thing.

My father, being both not much of a drinker and an inveterate cheapskate, thought he was in Biscuit City when he could get that free beer.

So everything old is new again.


Objection, counselor; assumes facts not in evidence. That image of the beer taps is probably one All Ears - which has become horribly click-baity since Deb Wills sold it off - had handy, and it’s wrong to infer that’s what Sea World will be giving away.

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I fixed it for you!!

…it doesn’t taste like beer! :rofl:

The only beer I drink is a Belgian Lambic made by Lindemans. My favorite is Cassis (black currant) but Framboise (raspberry) is excellent as well. The bottles are corked, larger, and cost significantly more $$ than most beers …but that’s okay because I only have like maybe 3-4 a year!

It is a rare event if you can find Lindemans Framboise on tap, but if you do it is amazing!!

I will note that I am not a fan of most beer, no wines or “hard” liquor, and can only take on one Midori Sour or Fuzzy Navel due to it being far too sweet. It isn’t a stand against alcohol but just not liking the taste of any of it.

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So then… do you get to vote?! :joy::joy::joy:


I hate beer but I love Framboise!

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Fair point

If you haven’t tried Cassis, definitely do so. It is much harder to find, but worth it!

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SW does this all day dining deal for like $50 or something. You can go through the line once an hour at most qs places and get an entree, side/dessert, and beverage (including bottled water) every single time. They also have an add on for like $20 bucks that allows for that beverage to be a beer! Yes you can drink a beer and have a full meal every single hour for like $70 for the day. It is a steal and I definitely had my fair share on my last trip.

I just did the all day dining at BGW and it was 100% fabulous.

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That is one thing I think the SW/BG parks do better than Disney. The kind of cafeteria line style of selecting your meal and then going elsewhere to actually pay and check out is so much less chaotic.