Absence of WDW AP early summer room only discount?

In past years I’ve noticed AP room only discounts become available around Jan 3rd. I’ve been stalking the special offers page, now it’s Jan 5th and still no AP RO discount…hmm. Not giving up hope but was hoping to apply it for my Beach Club deluxe room reservation (accommodates my family size of 6). I’m also holding a DS Doubltree reservation booked on points that I can cancel and a 2 bedroom Kidani (split stay, for second half of trip) but would really like the AP discount to come through to make this trip extra awesome and stay at BC for the first time. It will probably be the last trip for a few years.

Same. I’ve been waiting and have a few options in a hold pattern right now. I’m hoping we are just slightly delayed due to the release of free dining. Good luck!

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Same to you!

Dropped today.

Really?!! Awesome! Wdw website for me isn’t working; getting the message “almost in orbit” Waiting time is 30 minutes. I’ll check later. Do you recall the %off for deludes?

Up to 35%.

Interesting. For the fun of it, I went to look at the special offers page, and it is doing the same thing. What is odd is that when I first looked, it started counting down from 25 minutes and counted down to about 20 minutes, then jumped up to 30 minutes. Now, after one minute counting down, it starts back over to 30 minutes again.

And I just got in with no waiting to screenshot that for Ariel79. Weird indeed.

Wanted to add that I got an email this morning from DTB that had a further breakdown of the savings, because it isn’t 35% across the board, it’s varied from resort to resort and to dates.

Anytime I visit Disney Tourist Blog, none of their images show up except ads, even with the ad blocker turned off. As such, it is a pretty worthless website most of the time for me.

I can screen cap it for you if you want.

He uses a terrible UI, I agree. It’s all Pinterest images.
Edited bc I grabbed the wrong deal. Will go back and redo.

Maybe that’s the problem. I don’t have Pinterest. Well, I did. But after I signed up for Pinterest, I was just bombarded with emails, so I went in and deleted my account.


So I sorta misunderstood his post bc I skimmed through it. But what he actually did was post the regular sun and fun deal breakdown, and just told everyone to add 10% off for AP discounts. :unamused:
It’s a catch 22, bc I’m not a fan of his webpage design, but he generally breaks discounts faster anyone else.
So I’ll repost the originals, with the caveat to add 10% off for AP rates.

I’m finding the site is super glitchy right now. I’m getting the Oops timer sometimes, Canadian deals sometimes, and even saw the posted summer discounts as well. All the same link.
When I tried to apply the discounted rate to my Poly reservations, they came up as unavailable for all room types except club level. :weary: Is it possible that the other rooms at Poly won’t be discounted? Or would you think it’s just glitchy?
I’m at work now, planning on calling later

I will say that the discounts all around so far this year have been much more restricted, even though the percentages off is the same or close to last year. It wouldn’t surprise me if they are super targeting rooms.

Thanks all. Got through yesterday. Well my beach club deluxe room wasn’t eligible for the AP discount but the CM on the phone offered me a deluxe room club level at boardwalk for slightly less than my BC room without club level. At first I was going to stay with BC but then made the switch- figure the “free” food and drinks for my big family will help offset some costs and I like being a little shorter walk to Hollywood studios. Still keeping my backups though in case DH doesn’t go for it (uh, yeah have to pitch this to DH- the “free beer” might help my case, lol).