About to book

Hi all,

I’m about to book a three day, two night trip - staying on sight. I’m planning on booking it via the main Disney site, but was wondering if I’m missing out on finding a better value deal using a third party?

Any help would be great.

I have found that hotel deals are typically equivalent on the Disney site to elsewhere. I’ve rarely found better deals at third party sites but occasionally it’s possible. You can usually get MUCH better deals on tickets from a third party (such as Undercover Tourist), however.


I’ve found MouseSavers to be a great resource for Disneyland savings. Below is their page on resort discounts, but I recommend reading the whole Disneyland section before you book:


Sometimes you can get slightly better deals and perks going through getaway today and Costco.


I booked our trip for last week of April, four nights at GC, via the Disneyland website. I called the reservation line first and was shocked to find they were quoting $500+ above and beyond what the website was quoting for the exact same package. Just FYI!