? about MNSSHP

We will be in the park starting at 1:20 for lunch at Be Our Guest. My fast pass day is Tuesday. I was thinking that I would do FPP starting at 2:30, 3:30, 4:30 in hopes of getting another 1 or 2 same day passes before the party starts (using a separate park ticket not the party ticket). But would it be better to do standby earlier and do FPP at 4, 5, 6? Not sure how the crowds will be and what makes more sense. Does anyone know if the Haunted Mansion Halloween overlay starts at 6 or 7? Just wondering when to get in line for that. Thanks!

All of the party atmosphere starts when the party starts. So, the creepier CMs come out and the fog machine starts rolling. The performers in front of HM come out shortly after the party starts.

The crowds vary depending on party date. We’ve been in mid-October and all the ride lines (except for 7DMT) were very short. If you can fastpass that before the party, do it.

Attractions I’d wait for until the party starts are HM, Pirates, Space Mountain, Tea Cups. Those all have overlays. Leave free time for the parade and the fireworks. Not sure what your feeling is on special character meets. If there is one that you really want, wait until later in the night if you can. We got in line at midnight for Jack & Sally and the wait was only about 25 minutes.


The park closes at 6 so all of your FP windows will need to close before 6.


The crowds definitely get bigger starting at 4 and some of the premium rides will be hard to get as same day FPP after 4 when people are booking FPP on their party tickets. I would book PP and 7DMT (no matter what time of day you decide because their line is never short) but I think I would do my three at 3:30, 4:30 and 5:30 (often the last FPP slot) so I had short lines during high crowds.

As @PrincessK mentions, Space, Tea Cups, PIrates and HM are ones you want to do during the party.

Note Splash was walk on, BTMRR was a 10 min wait during the party, but if CL are low, maybe lines will be short during the day. Ride Jungle Cruise while crowds are low and before it closes for the party.

In the 4:00 range, if you choose to do FPP earlier in the day, you could also do shows or attractions that aren’t open during the party but have low waits. HOP, COP, Tikki Room, people mover. Part of me would do this as I might not be able to let those FPP sit for that long!

One other note, I think eating at 6:00 is optimal if you are not getting in meet and greet lines. Crowds are their very highest, shows are closed, and no FPP.

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Should I be concerned about somehow one of my park hopper days being used if I don’t plan to enter the park until 4:00 for the party? It hadn’t even occurred to me until looking at this thread. I don’t plan to use one of my “days” on my party day.

I started another thread because I am not confident any of us know what impact the new systems will have on party tickets and FPs. Last year for most people if you booked all your regular days and then booked your party FPs you often would keep all FPs. Some people lost their last day of FPs if they booked their party day.

I’m not even talking about FPPs (although that is another concern now). I’m worried about one of my days of tickets to enter the parks. I am planning a non-park day for the day of my party.

Sorry- no, you enter- after 4:00 at the entrance labeled party entrance. Do not enter at the other entrances.

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Wait, I’m not sure if this is what you are getting at, but let me ask this question to be sure. Let’s say you have a regular admission ticket for the day (or an AP), and then you buy a ticket for MNSSHP that same night. Can you book 3 FPP on your AP/day ticket and then another 3 FPP for your MNSSHP ticket, for a total of 6 for the day?

Only if your party ticket is linked to a “dummy” profile. At least that is how it worked the last few years.

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Oh, interesting. Is this a fairly legit practice? That would be a huge advantage.

eta: does the same hold true for a DAH ticket?

Yes. As of right now, DAH acts like party ticket.

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A couple of previous years postings covering this subject.

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Wow! Thank you. Lot’s of useful information here. It’s a shame… I have about 10 MB lying around the house right now. From what I’m reading, I can’t open a second account, deactivate one of my old bands from my account and reassign it to the new account?

That brings up my second question. When we’ve done DAH, I just entered the park on my AP for the day, then gone over to the in-park DAH checkin where they scan my MB to give me my DAH wristband. How would that work if the party/DAH ticket is on a secondary account?

That helps… I might just not make any FP+ reservations for my party day, just so I don’t have to worry if other day’s FP+ disappear. I can only make 2 that day anyway, and we will have a few other MK days. My priorities are the things I can’t do on a normal MK day.

Correct! MB and RFID cards can’t be assigned to another MDE profile once linked.

I always ask for the RFID card to be shipped at the time I purchase my party tickets. That is what I use for FP access and party entry.

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