ABC Commissary

I read that ABC Commissary takes reservations now. Is this for a quick service plan? I was confused when I read about this option. Is this like BOG? Also, has anyone eaten there? Do you recommend it?

Still QS. They still take walk-ups but this is part of the crowd control plan for SWGE.

Never eaten there but it doesn’t get good reviews.

I think recently the food has greatly improved. Years ago it was one of my favorite QS. I have enjoyed a really good salad there recently too. I believe another restaurant in AK is doing this QS but reservation for dinner too?

Found AK:

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I liked the Mediterranean salad and would order it again. It’s a decent value and not too filling when a big dinner is planned.

We were there for lunch in August 2018 and were very surprised how good the food was. The menu was a little of a surprise with some meals you would likely find at CHH. It is spacious and a good spot to get out of the sun on a hot day. I would not steer anyone away based on our experience.