ABC Christmas Parade 2016

Hi all,
When do they typically announce parade recording days? We’re planning a December trip and I’d hate to get caught in all that chaos!

I have not heard when the parade taping days are yet for this year. I did notice last year however, it was done in mid-November which was a switch from recent years. If I recall, it had been the first weekend-ish in December until last year. I will say though that we were in MK two different years on the day OF parade taping and noticed lots going on around the castle stage but it was such a minimal impact we had no idea what was going on, lol!
Funny story…In 2011 we were wondering why everyone was gathered around the stage…Jennifer Hudson was performing and the next day (when we left) I believe Justin Bieber was there, lol.

They were taping when we were there last November. We were there 2nd week of November.

Thanks! Good to know!

It seems to me that even if they are taping when your’e at MK, as long as you’re not around the castle or on MS during taping you’ll barely notice.