Abandoned - The Magic Kingdom Resorts

Interesting time-waster on the abandoned resort plans for WDW:


I had heard about all of these, but this was the most “exhaustive” treatment that I’ve seen. But what really caught my eye was what is shown in this frame capture…

The reason I went back to that point was I noticed the model of the Mt. Fuji that was supposed to be part of Japan; I’d always heard about this, but had no idea of what the scale would have been. But even more interesting is what looks like a Matterhorn between Germany and Italy. In all of the research I’ve done, I’ve never heard that a Matterhorn was anything other than wishful fan thinking.


Well spotted! I did not notice that in the video.

Actually, if you want more details on the Matterhorn and Mt. Fuji, check out:
Abandoned - Epcot’s Never Built Attraction/a