AAA Diamond Parking lots

I've read that the diamond parking lots will be gone in 2015. Is that true? I'm going to to be there the first week of December 2014 and will be buying our tickets soon. When I called AAA they said I would be sent a parking pass but it won't be useful if the parking spots are gone. I have seen other places I can get the tickets for a slightly better rate but would like to buy through AAA if the parking spots will still be around in Decemeber. Does anyone know if the diamond lots will still be at all the parks in Dec 2014? Thanks

I've heard they are already disappearing.

AAA's marketing agreement with WDW is not being renewed. All the benefits (except ticket discounts) will end. I believe the agreement is done by calendar year.

The 2014 passes say they are good until December 2014 so hope we can still use the parking passes.

Do you still have to pay to park with this permit or does it only get you a preferred spot?