A Year of Disney!?

Hi All… its been a hot minute since I have posted and I have missed you ALL very much! Hope you have been doing well!

My DW and I are thinking about purchasing APs for our family of 4 to have a “Year of Disney” with the idea being that because we live in Atlanta access to WDW is not too difficult and it might be fun to have a year where we plan a week-long trip and add in several long weekend/short trips throughout the year. The plan would be to coincide our Year of Disney with the 50th Anniversary and probably activate the APs either in late Fall 2021 or early 2022 with the longest trip of the year probably in May/June 2022. On Jan. 1, 2022 I will have DD 12 and DD 9 (as far as kids go).

Through some finagling (and the magic of cash-back credit card bonuses) I think I can stock up enough giftcards that my cost for APs would be about 14% off the list price.

All of that leads me to a series of questions that more knowledgeable folks like you might help with. Please feel free to chime in on any questions you have thoughts about:

  1. Will we get sick of WDW if we try to go three or four times in the year?

  2. I believe I can purchase the APs now and save them to activate later (like before 2030) thus avoiding any possible price increases in the interim… True?

  3. On of my two DDs will still be a “disney child” when we would have the trips…so, does an AP make sense for her given that there are not “child prices” (I think it would as long as we hit 10-12 park days during the year)?

  4. Do they actually send you a physical “voucher” or are the APs just added to MDE?

  5. Any issues purchasing AP’s with gift cards?

  6. Have you ever done something like this and did your family like it?

  7. Am I crazy?

  8. Are AP vouchers refundable if you don’t activate the AP?

  9. Any other thoughts or things you think I should be considering?

As always, thanks for you collective wisdom and input!!!



I’m no help since I can’t really answer any of your questions, but FWIW, I think it sounds like a super fun idea! :star_struck:

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We’ve had APs for probably 7 years now (and just renewed). We don’t live as close but do go 3-5x/year. So I can answer some of the questions.

#1–We don’t. There’s always something new.
#4–Added to your MDE
#6–Yes and yes
#7–Yes (but aren’t we all?)

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I’ll respond to the ones I can.

  1. Depends. We found that this strategy changes the way we approach our trips. We are much more relaxed about our planning. There’s less anxiety and FOMO. We found that it encourages us to try different things besides our usual list of must-dos.

  2. True.

  3. No experience. Can’t answer.

  4. The last time we purchased from Disney it was automatically attached to MDE and we received an email voucher. No physical media. Most recently we purchased APs through AAA and received a code that allowed us to add them to MDE. Once again, no physical media.

  5. No experience. Can’t answer.

  6. Yes and yes.

  7. I don’t have enough data to support a conclusion.

  8. My understanding is no.

  9. What other discounts or advantages of an AP can I take advantage of without spending money that I wouldn’t have otherwise spent. The AP is quicker, easier, more seductive. Be mindful of how much you wish to spend.

  1. We purchased the AP’s from Disney online. It loaded into my MDE. When we got to Disney, we had to activate them, so we went to Guest Services at DS. There, we showed ID, email with confirmation number, and credit card. They gave us plastic ticket media. We always have to show it for any AP discount at shops and TS, they don’t just use the MB.
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No help here but I wish I was part if your family! It sounds like SO MUCH FUN!!!


Have missed you!!!

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  1. No
  2. Yes you can hold them but I’m not sure how long.
  3. Yes although with the recent increase I believe the break even number is easily 12+
  4. MDE in my experience
  5. I wouldn’t see why
  6. We haven’t but they would love it.
  7. No
  8. I don’t believe so
  9. Why stop at 4 or 5? You’re close enough to aim for monthly.

I missed you too!

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Yeah, I thought of that too, but I allegedly have a “mortgage” and “other bills” whatever the hell those things are, and so I guess I am supposed to “not get my kids thrown into the streets” because I have paid hotels and dinning out for like 40 nights at Disney…


Don’t you hate it when real life gets in the way of Disney fun?


You wont get sick of Disney I think you will enjoy your trips even more. Things are always changing and you can change things up by eating at a new place or take a behind the scenes tour.

I also live further, Philly area, and I still manage 4-5 trips a year. I am not tired of it yet.