A whole load of March FoP FPPs seem to have been added - 30 day drop?



Below the list is this:


That appears to update daily. The other that I pointed to is updated every half hour, and those FPPs that dropped only last a few hours before they’re gone, so it’s not surprising it’s not showing on there. I have managed to book 32 day FoPs with the other availability chart, so it’s genuine.


This happened again today, about 10am GMT, so that’s 5 ahead of EST, weird time but seemingly consistent.
I got another set of FoP fastpasses for mid March (had to split them in two groups to get all five of us though).
This suggests to me it is what @ryan1 suggested, the cancelled FPPs from the new rules getting collected and dropped. Crappy time for you guys over the pond though, sorry about that!


It did leak out before it happened. It went into effect on Feb 2.