A whole load of March FoP FPPs seem to have been added - 30 day drop?


Below the list is this:

That appears to update daily. The other that I pointed to is updated every half hour, and those FPPs that dropped only last a few hours before they’re gone, so it’s not surprising it’s not showing on there. I have managed to book 32 day FoPs with the other availability chart, so it’s genuine.

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This happened again today, about 10am GMT, so that’s 5 ahead of EST, weird time but seemingly consistent.
I got another set of FoP fastpasses for mid March (had to split them in two groups to get all five of us though).
This suggests to me it is what @ryan1 suggested, the cancelled FPPs from the new rules getting collected and dropped. Crappy time for you guys over the pond though, sorry about that!

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It did leak out before it happened. It went into effect on Feb 2.