A whole load of March FoP FPPs seem to have been added - 30 day drop?

I was just checking the Dibb FPP availability chart and noticed a bunch of new FoPs show as available. I haven’t been able to grab any, perhaps they’re gone already but wanted to flag it up in case anyone’s hunting:

It was only updated 7 minutes before posting this. TPs own FPP availability pages show none available but that’s updated less often, last update was 1am compared to 6am EST on this.
Good luck if you are looking. At the very least it’s interesting to see this pattern of extra drops just as:

  1. The new month begins
  2. It hits the 30 day mark - maybe this is a deliberate policy to try and create some 30 day options for non-hotel visitors? Might affect SDFPs (hope not)
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Update, I just grabbed 5 on the 13th of March, this is a real thing! Modified my existing Navi reservation. Only 6.45pm though, but still, better than nothing!


Some SDD dropped too, this is really interesting.

Sadly none match with my HS days :persevere:


@SimonUK I have said no more adding to the plan! Now you have me thinking…"well maybe instead of a rest day we could do AK​:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:seriously though thanks for the info puts credit card in freezer have a great day😀


I know the feeling, I’ve had two ‘rest days’ turn into AK visits because I snagged FoP fastpasses. The pain is real!


It’s happened again everyone, FoP, SDMT and SDD drops for previously booked out days in March:

This is becoming an interesting trend!
There is 30 day FoP availability right now!

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I’m all about this concept!

Omg maybe there will be FOP FPP when my window opens tomorrow after all! :crossed_fingers:

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In light of the other thread I just posted, could this be the result of people cancelling their reservations and Disney now releasing the FPPs?

If it is, then this isn’t really a trend. It will stop once we get through the next 30 days, when the full effect of the policy changes has taken hold. Knowing about this policy change, people will stop doing the throwaway reservations, and so there will not be so many FPPs to “free up” at 30 days out because they will be obtained by those who have them legitimately instead.

It wouldn’t have happened on the 1st Feb if that was the case though?

Why not?

I think Throwaway will still continues.
(Reserving and paying for without using.)

Leading days that are cancelled will be what stops.

Because that was two days before even the rumour this was happening emerged.

The FP system has led to a need for a whole new dictionary!

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I bet a bunch of FPPs were cancelled because people don’t have resort reservations for them. Also, this it still too far ahead for most 30 days… and they’re gone now.

I think the rumors came out of Disney starting to cancel FPPs. In something like this, I have a hard time imagining it leaking out BEFORE they started doing it since Disney wouldn’t likely officially acknowledge the “loop hole” to begin with.

It seems too coincidental otherwise.

Besides, I think the idea of dropping FPPs at 30 days out that they otherwise held in reserve is unfair to those who were unable to get the FPPs staying on site.

Now, as one who stays off site, I understand the appeal. But I just feel it undermines the advantage meant for those staying on site.

Just my thoughts, though.


Also, on the DIBB, they mention when things changed. It doesn’t look like FOP had any drops since January. This has to be a release of existing FPPs that were being held.

Where on the Dibb? I’m an active member there and haven’t seen that.
There have been a big number of drops for March 1st Feb and today, and at times that don’t make sense if they were people dumping reservations, it’s been 1am-4am US time.
Anyway, we shall see if it continues…
If this is the case we should see dumps every day for a couple of weeks.

30 days prior to March 1 is January 30. So, people wait until January 31st to cancel to be safe. Next day, February 1, the FPPs that were dropped due to the cancellations are now available. For those people who then cancel in the days that follow will see their FPPs drop and become available as well in a “rolling” window, kind of.

Or it may be that they are somehow saved up for a few days and dumped in one go, I checked every day and it’s only the 1st and today that all the new ones appeared. Either way, good news for us who have upcoming stays! So far I’ve been SO unlucky with which days they’ve been available for, I’ve always been at different parks besides one FoP which I ended up returning as it messed up my schedule.

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