A "what if" scenario...keeping the trip without Disney

So, my wife and I have chatted briefly about possibly keeping our May trip house reservation, since we’d lose money on cancelling anyhow. To save vacation days, I could work from the rental house same as I could work from home.

But I’m wondering what things could be done around the Orlando area (or a day trip from there) that would maintain social distancing.

For example, we’ve never done one of the swamp boat tours. Could also head to a beach for the day (perhaps one that is lesser known with lighter crowds).

We haven’t decided to or not to, but if DIsney and Universal are still closed, what are some other things to potentially do on a vacation in Florida that wouldn’t be closed and would allow maintaining distance? Any thoughts?

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I have no idea what your opinion is on hunting, but alligator hunts are a thing.

I’m perfectly okay with hunting…as long as others are the ones doing it! :wink:

Kind of like eating meat. I want my hamburger, but don’t want to have to personally kill the cow to have it!

Of course, my DS20 has been trying to convince us to try the Alligator tail from the appetizers at a local restaurant.

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They recently closed beaches in Spain. I don’t think you’ll have many options until this is in the rear view mirror, and I’m thinking May will be too early for that.

But, after being cooped up so long, at least you’d be cooped up somewhere new?

Little surprised by that since the virus can’t survive in the sun. But perhaps the beaches are extremely crowded?

Anyhow, the idea really is that since the house is already paid for anyhow, why not just escape. But that got me thinking about what things might still be an option that still maintains social distancing.

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My friend posted that they closed her beaches in FL. We haven’t spoken to MIL yet today to see if her beaches are closed yet.

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Well, I assume you’ll have a pool, right?

Is Kennedy Space Center still open?

Walking around a deserted Disney Springs?

Will you have unlimited wifi? Maybe have the kids bring some electronics with them. They’ll be on them at home or in Fl. What’s the difference? This probably isn’t the time to worry about screentime limits.

Do you homeschool? If yes, then that can happen anywhere.

But have you tried to find out if you can get a refund? Considering the circumstance, it may be possible.

Yes. The house has a private pool and hot tub, plus the neighborhood the house is in has a large pool.

I doubt it, but not sure.

Yes…but we wrap up our school year with the kids just before our trip, so no school! :slight_smile:

I’m assuming not, but there’s hoping. If we cancel before April 9, we’ll get half back.

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KSC closed starting yesterday, until further notice.

There are some interesting State Parks in central Florida. The hiking [walking] trails will likely be open.

I would do swamp boat tours or gator hunting.

Actually python hunting is on my to do list. I just can’t convince DH to do it yet. I have a snake phobia - but that just makes me more fascinated by them.

Otherwise the beach is great. Just driving to the east coast beach is fun to see all the gators in the ditch.

Our quick Florida trip consists of flying down to FL late afternoon on 5/29 to visit my MIL who lives about an hour away from Orlando. The plan is to leave the morning of 6/1, drive to Disney, return the rental car & uber to Pop. Spend the day at the pool & relax. Next 2 parks days are DHS & Epcot, then fly home on 6/4. Obviously hoping this is all over by then (trying to be optimistic).

If Disney is still closed and we can’t get a refund on our plane tickets we will still fly out there to see her, but we are REALLY hoping to be able to find something else to do. Even just a hotel away from MIL. Would have no problem going to a small local beach and hanging out by ourselves, not looking to go to bars or anything like that.

Following along to see what others suggest.

Sun is supposed to kill this virus, so I would think that beaches would be safe.

Beach closures are currently being decided at the local level in Florida.

As a point of reference, Spain has closed all their beaches.

If the beaches are crowded like some of the media pictures showed with spring breakers, then I can see why they would want to close the beaches.

But if the beach gets very little foot traffic, there would be no point in closing them. As long as people can maintain distance from others, it is probably far safer due to the sun’s effects than being other places.

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Yes, I meant a smaller local beach. The one we visit is part of a local park. I live at the Jersey Shore, I hate packed beaches, I prefer the smaller ones the locals go to :slight_smile: I have no desire, virus or not to sit close to anyone at the beach.

Spain also closed all parks. This could get a lot worse before it gets better.

Our family is still taking exercise when we can find a deserted soccer field or whatever, so not questioning your judgment on the risk.

Just to be aware that it may not be an option.

Thanks. I work for the health dept on a municipal level. It’s definitely scary. All the false and misleading information floating around doesn’t help anyone. Not saying that’s what you are doing at all - some of the phone calls I get are just downright crazy.