A Very Short Rant

It is very frustrating to arrive at AK so early there are no parking attendants and you are the first person through security, only to be pushed, shoved, jostled, and otherwise out-maneuvered so that you suddenly find yourself behind hundreds of crazy FOP-ers.

Rant complete.


We experienced something similar when finding the perfect spot for the HEA fireworks. My wife and the kids found a spot in the zone marked off with the masking tape on the sidewalk very early. I went off to take the time to see if one of the nearby gift shops had a specific sweatshirt I was hoping to find. When I came back, my wife and kids had been shoved back against the railing with a crowd of people so thick that my 5’ 0" tall wife couldn’t see anything. Then, when I arrived, the people in front of them literally shook their heads at me (as in, to say, “no”, and not in disbelief) when I said I need to get through to my wife. They wouldn’t budge. So I was forced to shove my way through anyhow.

We found that it doesn’t pay to get there early. At all. Our nice unobstructed view ended up obstructed by a sea of about 30 people packed together like sardines.

I hate sardines.


:cry: :sob: :weary:

On a happier note, riding FOP first thing in the morning has put me in a sufficiently cheery frame of mind that I can now declare with certainty that I will gladly be pushed, shoved, jostled, and otherwise out-maneuvered again tomorrow.


Glad your ride was worth the trouble.

I’m so glad the ride was worth it! It is amazing! I can still smell Pandora!

I feel you! We have been through that scenario twice as well. At this point we avoid the aggravation and go on rides and peek up in the sky in between them - not the best of views, but we are still having fun.

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I hate people pushing in and am really going to have to bite my tongue when we go … with the rope drop how long did you queue for FOP ?

Exactly why I sprang for the the desert party on our last trip!