A trip report that didn't happen

(What you’re about to read was really going to happen…but alas it wasn’t meant to be. As has been the case for many of you, our trip that we were planning for the last 12 months was canceled. The following is my trip, as it should have been.)

My flight arrived at MCO this morning, right about 8:30am. We all lined up for the Magical Express with that giddy feeling of knowing we’d have 6 days to spend in my favorite place on earth! You know the feeling of seeing your first cast member - you just want to hug them!

My family of five including my 85 yr old Grandma, two kids 14, 9, (I’ve got 3rd but the 25yr old lives in England) and my wife and I are enjoying the cheesy welcome film on the express on the way to the Animal Kingdom Lodge. We’ve never stayed there before. So excited to see the view from our room! We didn’t get savanna view rooms, but used touringplans room finder to hopefully snag a room with a partial view of the savanna :wink:

We don’t have park tickets for today. We plan on exploring and relaxing at the resort. Maybe head to the Boma for a late breakfast? I’ve never eaten there before. I can’t wait to try a Zebra dome!

After breakfast, we thought about maybe going to Typhoon Lagoon for the first time, or maybe one of the mini-golf courses? Or, just wander through Disney Springs? There’s plenty of ways to spend a fun afternoon outside of the parks. The Market Place Co-op is a ton of fun to browse. I usually find something that needs to come home with me in that area. Last time I picked up a fun vintage-looking T-shirt with the 1950’s Mickey Mouse Club House lyrics on the back!

We’ve got reservations at Jaleo for 6pm. For those that haven’t tried the Spanish restaurant in Disney Springs, I highly recommend it. I was there on a business trip last July and had the Jaleo tasting menu. It was one of the best meals fo my life! I’m looking forward to sharing this place with my family!

Tomorrow is Epcot! Touring all the construction walls will be a new experience…lol. Epcot really is my favourite park! My Dad took us to Epcot in 1983. Every time I’m there I turn into a little boy. Spaceship Earth will be closing soon. I’ll get a chance to ride it one more time before it’s re-done…hopefully not too much…how do you improve perfection!?

I hope to post an imaginary continuation of my non-trip, trip report tomorrow. :crazy_face:


I miss trip reports! Is writing it helping or is it painful? You had such great plans!

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This would break my heart! What a fab first day you had planned!

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I love this.

I am thinking of creating an entire day of youtube video upon youtube video taking us through one of our days as it would have been. There’s plenty of footage out there and I think I’ll string them all together to have a day at Disney from home


I enjoyed writing it this morning! It helps ease the pain. :slight_smile:


That’s awesome @OBNurseNH! I’d love to watch it when you’re done :slight_smile:

wELL, I was thinking of doing it with my family. Not creating a video (which would be hours long…)

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I love this, but I’m sad for you.

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I appreciate the sentiment @Dreamer but don’t be sad. My family is safe and healthy. It’s disappointing. but it could be worse.
The best part is I get to plan another one in August!


and they were singing, Bye Bye miss American pie. Drove the chevy to the levy and the levy was dry.

That is great you have an August trip.

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I’m not following you @DocHopper maybe because I’m Canadian. We’re much more into Maple Syrup and Ford than American pie and Chevy. :crazy_face:


Actually it is an Irish song.

I’m of Irish ancestry and I still don’t get it…?

Here’s my story. My son is the biggest Disney fan out of my 3 kids. He falls asleep listening to music that is played for each ride. We had counted down our Spring Break trip like we do for all of our trips. However, this one was different. This time we were able to treat my parents. They were going to join us at The Beach Club and my son’s grandfather was going to get to see his grandson enjoy he favorite place. We were packed with the alarm set to wake up at 4:00 AM to get to the airport. I was nervous the night before as I was reading about the Disney employees that were told to stay at home. At 3:30 AM, I decided to check the news one more time. If nothing had changed, I would continue with the trip. I was super nervous since I was taking my parents and my mother being diabetic. The news had changed. Florida had just announced a state of emergency. I could not bring myself to do it. I could not risk the happiest place turning into a stressful event wondering every second if I should be there. I cancelled the trip 30 minutes before my alarm was suppose to go off. My son understood and more so in the weeks following that decision. I feel your pain. Writing about it actually does help. The first day of our trip was us arriving and actually having no plan other than hopping from Beach Club to Epcot to HS. We are always well planned out but we wanted a day of surprises. Our second day - trying to master boarding pass for Ride of Resistance for the first time.

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I am so sorry to hear this. Man… Canceling day of had to be tough. Hope you can reschedule and reclaim the magic at some point.

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@kellyafaulkner, sounds like that would have been a trip to remember! Grandparent trips are usually fantastic. We’ve been lucky enough to do a few of them. Have you re-booked your trip? Or are you waiting for this crazy world to settle down a little first?

I’m definitely waiting for the craziness to end. I’ve always considered Disney my bubble. I guess we all are having to recreate that version at home. I’m hopeful that the Disney bubble will happen again and with much more appreciation, right?

Be safe!