A tribute to Jim Henson of sorts

I was so happy to have Kermit as part of my recent trip. One to be a part of the liner share of Kermit was very fun. It is so cool knowing that I got to share him and share in his journeys and tales with this awesome Liner community.

I also fondly remember watching the muppet show all the time as a kid. It was a favorite. I was in high school when the tragic news of Jim Henson dying. I had my first job, and I headed to a store in my local mall called Sassy which sold stuffed animals. I bought a Kermit in a tux and a Piggy in a hot pink dress, because I felt like I needed some tie to Jim Henson. I still have them now.

I was wandering around Hollywood Studios with Liner Kermit and was outside the Great Movie Ride when I was looking at al of the signatures in the concrete. I took several pictures of ones that I wanted, including Jim Henson’s. after a while I had the idea for the following pictures. I wanted to share them with you. They give me a sort of sad smile, but it felt right.


This is really cute! Thanks for sharing!