A totally hypothetical thought experiment, not based on real events

Suppose you’d planned a two person trip to WDW for someone who’s never been before. You’ve organised and paid for the whole thing.

Additionally, imagine that for some reason they can’t come.

Much of what you’d planned would be non-refundable. But some elements wouldn’t be.

Some interesting options arise, however.

You’ve bought two 14 day tickets. Each with 60 day FPP access. Would you be tempted to use both? You’ve got your magic band and theirs. You could put three FPPs on your band, and three on theirs. Six FPPs a day. Two tier ones per day. Or tier ones in different parks on the same day. Just leave the park and re-enter with the other magic band.

You’ve got the Disney dining plan. The credits are merged, yes? So now you’ve got two table service credits a day. And two quick service and four snacks. A whole world of options opens up. Two-credit signature restaurants are now a possibility for every day of your trip. With a quick service for your other meals. Buy everyone in line behind you a Mickey bar! Spread the love!

What would you do?


I think you would have an issue using the FPP since the other person wouldn’t be there to tap into the park.

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You don’t need them to. You do it yourself. You have their magic band. And they’ve never been to the parks, so you register it with your own fingerprint. Once you’ve used up your own FPPs, you leave the park, and re-enter with the other magic band.

You’re not really scamming anyone. After all, you’ve paid for both tickets.

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Hypothetically, what would be refundable? It is hard to say what I’d do hypothetically without all the details.

But with all those FPs at your (err, I mean, the hypothetical guest’s) disposal, it would certainly help in leaving more time using up all those dining credits!

Yes I suppose you could leave and re-enter.
I think I would rather try to get a refund for as much of their stuff as I could and use the money to add extra’s to the trip for myself


Hypothetically, I would do everything I could do to get a refund on everything, or, at least make it so I could use it on a future date. Assuming that I cannot accomplish that, then some lucky fool is going with me to Disney! No way I could eat all that food, and the price I paid for those “extra fast passes” would bother me that I didn’t find someone else to bring and use them.


Well, you can get some money back on flights. Dessert parties are cancellable. But what if the tickets are part of a package that can’t be cancelled piecemeal? And the dining plan was discounted anyway?

Six fast passes and tier-busting? That’s tempting, no?

Has “change party” gone away completely from old versions of MDE? If not, maybe there is a way to use those FPP without ever using the extra park ticket.

Well, if you can’t get money back for the tickets, then by all means…use them for yourself, for sure. Could make it your best solo trip to date!

You’ve paid for it, why not use it?



At this point it is genuinely just a thought experiment, inspired by binge-listening to the Backside of Magic podcast.

But it occurred to me it could actually happen. And then I suddenly started getting a bit excited about the possibilities.


And just as importantly, I’m bringing someone else so that when we take pictures together, those pictures are getting sent to Some Reason. :stuck_out_tongue:

You underestimate just how much of a control freak I am. I have total control over both MDE profiles.


Haha, same here…

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It seems to me, you could accomplish the FPP thing by simply buying, outside of any package, a second 14-day ticket for the same dates and link them in your MDE account as a “guest”.


I’m no expert, but I’m thinking to be sure you use a different fingerprint the 2nd time. Maybe your other hand. If it were me and I used a different finger on the same hand I’d probably forget which finger I used for which set of tix.


I’m tempted just listening to you.

This is definitely a lot cheaper than staying club level and then also buying extra fastpasses.


I can’t imagine it would be that hard to find another companion who wanted to go on an all expenses paid trip to WDW.


I read the topic and said, “This must be @mousematt.”


I have always asked myself if people just buy a second ticket for extra FPs. Or to extend the value of free dining if they got a good deal. You would just need to enter the park 2 times, they both can have similar names and count as you.

If you are traveling solo adding another person to your room is probably free.