A thursday afternoon or a busy weekend?

We are looking at a trip in February where we will get to the parks/hotel around 1 on a Thursday and leaving around 12 on Wednesday (so Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon, Tues full days). With a 5 day park-hoper pass, would it be better to go into the parks Thursday afternoon/evening (crowd prediction 3) or all day Sunday (crowd level 7)? I was thinking it would be nice to take a day “off” in the middle of our trip, But would it be a waste to use Thursday afternoon as one of our days?

No chance you will add that extra day? It should be about $20? If not I would go on the longer day.

Can you add a 6th day? I haven’t seen that option anywhere.

Sorry, I was looking at the wrong tickets!

The hours on a Thursday in Feb are likely very short so arriving at 1 you would have only until 8pm to enjoy parks. I would vote for spending the afternoon in Downtown Disney and getting a good night’s sleep before starting 5 park days. I personally find that I enjoy having more park hours over chasing a rare low crowded day.